SAHRA Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Armour Heights Presbyterian Church (Lower Meeting Room).
AGM Agenda 2017.

Election of Officers
The following people agreed to stand as Officers/Directors of SAHRA for the 2017 year.
Sheila Dunlop (Secretary)
Ron Johnson (Treasurer)
Gary Langdon (Director)
Jim Sadler (Vice-President)
Bob Williams (Director)

Report for 2016
Report for 2016 AGM (Full Report)
2016 was a very busy year for the SAHRA Board, dealing with a wide variety of topics and issues!  The attached Report for 2016 was presented at the Annual General Meeting on April 5, 2017.  It provides details on the following activities, accomplishments and items that are still in progress:

Thanks to our Volunteers
At the Annual General Meeting on April 5th, we thanked the Volunteers who throughout the year provide support to our activities by dedicating their time or knowledge to supporting our on-going activities. Bob Williams presented a Thank You to the volunteers who provide support to SAHRA’s activities such as tracking CofA Notices and Decisions, monthly review of all Building and Development Applications as well as Sign Applications, Zoning reviews, site reviews/monitoring and street parking studies.  Special thanks was given to our two ‘full-time’ Volunteers – Gary Langdon and Anne Nizet-Bauraind.  Special recognition was given to Judy Ballard for all the time and energy she has contributed monitoring issues on Avenue Road.  Thanks to all the members plus our student volunteers who help make our Neighbours’ Night Out a success.  Thanks as well to our Advocates who help us with communicating with members on their street/in their area – it really helps.  Also thanks to our Members for their generosity with Membership contributions and the OMB contributions in 2015/16.

SAHRA’s Report for 2015
2015 was a very busy year for the South Armour Heights Residents’ Association both for the Directors and our Members. We presented a  ‘AGM Report for 2015’  at the Annual General Meeting on April 6, 2016 reviewing the activities, accomplishments and the issues still in progress.
AGM Report for 2015

SAHRA Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, April 6, 2016  6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Armour Heights Presbyterian Church (Basement)