May Crime Stats

It is 2 p.m. Do you know where your car is?

Due to the ever-increasing levels of auto theft in the City, there is no shortage of news about it in the media. An article in The Globe and Mail on June 6th did an excellent job of capturing the issue with the heading “CAR THEFTS REACH NATIONAL CRISIS LEVELS”. The article highlighted the criminal activity resulting from the thefts with proceeds being used to finance domestic drug trafficking, arms dealing, human trafficking, and international terrorism. 

The burning question in all of this is – what are the manufacturers doing??? Suspiciously one can think there is nothing in it for them to find a solution. Each theft is a quick new sale! In the summer issue of CAA Magazine (page 19), columnist Jeremy Freed provided some insight. One of the challenges for manufacturing is that the technology changes quickly and the car development cycle is long – not to mention ownership. It seems, however, that a solution may be on the way and in one case, already here. The following is a quote from the article:

“Other security features Canadians can expect in the coming years are biometric scanners like the ones found on smartphones…..the technology is already available in the Genesis GV70 SUV which uses a fingerprint reader to identify authorized drivers”.  Hope is on the way and our area would benefit greatly if and when Tata Motors, Toyota and others follow suit.

During the month of May, SAHRA’s area experienced five auto thefts bringing our year-to-date total to 15. This represents a 36% increase over the same period 2022 when we had 11. This is slightly greater than the City-wide incidents which had a 30% increase with 4733 auto thefts to the end of May.  The chart below provides a month-by-month view for 2022 and 2023 in SAHRA’s area. 

The next chart shows City-wide data. Unfortunately, monthly counts are increasing and at a significant rate.

As we have indicated in the past, the Police are working on this but gaining control is proving to be difficult given the complexity of dealing with organised crime.  As we mentioned in our last update, the Province has also launched a project team on organized crime activity, including auto theft. We continue to encourage vehicle owner prevention techniques, with parking in the garage proving to be the most effective tool.

Parking Enforcement:

At the May Community Police Liaison Committee meeting, we received word that Parking Enforcement has just released two classes of new recruits onto the streets! Expect parking enforcement to be vigilant. Reminder that on-street parking in the City is three hours maximum, and less if posted otherwise.

Break and Enters:

During the month of May, the SAHRA area had zero house break and enters. Year to date we have experienced four versus three in the same period 2022.  Overall, the City is experiencing a 31% increase in house break and enters versus 2022. We will continue to monitor.

Third Party Purchase/Sale:

Police are seeing an increase in robberies relating to Kijiji type purchases/sales. Exchange areas highlighted for robberies included along Yonge Street and major shopping malls such as Yorkdale. 32 Division is working on a safe-exchange zone at the police station and this will be communicated when fully set up.