August Crime Stats

We continue to focus on two crime categories impacting our area – auto theft and house break and enter.

Break and Enter- House (B&E)

During the month of August, we experienced two house B&E’s. Year-to-date (YTD), our numbers are more or less the same with 7 versus 6 in 2022. The chart below illustrates the house B&E’s over the past few years.

We continue to monitor this activity, especially as Upper Avenue Community Association’s (UACA) area on the west side of Avenue Road is experiencing a significant surge in house B&E’s with 10 occurring during the months of July and August versus zero in 2022.

Auto Theft

Auto theft continues to soar across the City!   At a recent Community Police Liaison Committee meeting at 32 Division, we concluded that the central Toronto Police unit handling auto theft is overwhelmed with the volume and complexity. City-wide, the numbers have grown to 8600 as of September 18th versus 6421 in the same period 2022. It was conveyed at the meeting that a formal multi-jurisdictional team is being formed to work on this. While we support this new team, we find it surprising that it has taken this long to make the decision that such a team is necessary.

In SAHRA’s area we have experienced 19 auto thefts YTD. This number is the same as 2022 YTD. UACA’s area has experienced 83 YTD versus 35 in the same period 2022. As a result of this, we continue to monitor the number of incidents in both areas.

The chart below provides a snapshot of auto theft comparison over the years 2019 to 2023, January to August, for the SAHRA area.

Finally, additional auto theft tips and advice can be found on the Toronto Police Service website.