Road Safety

New Signs in the Neighbourhood

Higher speeds contribute to a higher risk of serious injuries and fatalities by reducing driver reaction time, increasing the vehicle stopping distance, and inflicting more severe blunt force trauma on victims upon impact. The City is currently reducing speed limits to curb speeding and minimize traffic-related fatalities on Toronto roads.

The City reduced the speed limit on 500 kilometres of arterial and collector roadways from November 2019 until the end of 2020 and is currently reducing the speed limit on local roads and public lanes in Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough to 30 km/h. This is a multi-year, data-driven effort that is being rolled out on a ward-by-ward basis to bring local roads and public lanes in the city under a consistent speed limit.

All of the streets with SAHRA’s boundaries will be reduced except Wilson and Avenue Road (arterials), and Yonge Boulevard south of Wilson and Brooke (collectors).  

And remember, just because you’re driving slower doesn’t mean you can roll through the 4 way stops!! And while it may seem like a trivial, harmless act it comes with a $110 fine, 3 demerit points and likely increased insurance!  

Check out  the Vision Zero Mapping Tool to view where the speed limits have been changed in Toronto.

Learn more about speed limit reductions.

Safety Guides

The City has published five road safety guides for pedestrians, people cycling, schoolchildren and their parents, older adults, and people riding motorcycles.

    • Safety Guide for Pedestrians: includes information about pedestrian signals, accessible pedestrian signals, pedestrian crossovers and general road safety tips.
    • Safety Guide for Cyclists: includes information about the City’s cycling infrastructure, stopping and right turns at intersections, stopping behind streetcars and buses, cycling and the law and general road safety tips.
    • Safety Guide for Schoolchildren and Parents: includes information on walking, scootering, cycling, driving, school buses and general road safety tips.
    • Safety Guide for Older Adults: includes information on walking, cycling, taking transit, driving and general road safety tips.
    • Safety Guide for Motorcyclists: contains information pertaining to safety of those on motorcycles and what people driving should know about people riding motorcycles.

    Request a free copy of any of the City’s Vision Zero safety guides by emailing [email protected].

    “Slow Down” Lawn Signs

    You can help remind drivers to slow down and to be aware by displaying a “Slow Down” lawn sign. These signs are one way to make drivers aware of their speed as they travel in residential areas.

    You can contact the office of your local Councillor to request a Slow Down lawn sign.