Who We Are

Letters of Patent were issued on June 16, 1988 by the Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations (Ontario Corporation Number 771757) for South Armour Heights Ratepayers Association Inc. as a corporation without share capital.  The Letters Patent qualified that the corporation was to be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members and any profits or other accretions to the corporation shall be used in promoting its objects.  The head office address was given as 166 Ridley Blvd, the home of William Joseph Dolan (a Planning Consultant).  The other directors were Dorothy Clark (Retired) of 68 Belgrave Avenue and Catherine Ann Gifford (Teacher) of 11 Haddington Ave.  William G. Whiteside was identified as the Vice-President.

The objectives of the Association were:

  1. To promote, foster and protect the public, social, cultural and recreational interests of the area served by the association.
  2. To protect individuals through the joint action of all members of the association.
  3. To gather information concerning the objective set out in paragraph 1 and development proposals, proposed changes to the official plan and zoning by-laws from members, the Municipality and the Planning Advisory Committee, and to take the necessary action as so determined by the Association.

A Constitution was adopted on September 13, 1995 with revisions on June 9, 2004 (name change), June 15, 2005 (year end change) and May 10, 2010 (investments).  The objectives are defined as:

  1. To protect South Armour Heights Ratepayers from inappropriate planning and development from residential, commercial, transportation and any other Government sources.
  2. To promote safety and security in the South Armour Heights neighbourhood.
  3. To enhance the environment and social life within the community.

SAHRA is involved with the following activities:

1  Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations

2  Confederation of Residents and  Ratepayers Associations

SAHRA’s Boundaries
The Constitution defines the Membership of SAHRA as follows:

“All residential property owners, residential tenants and residents living within the area described below shall be considered members:

East side of Avenue Road, West side of Yonge Boulevard,
South of
the 401, South side of Brooke Avenue and those
ratepayers living
on the streets intersecting with Brooke
Avenue between Avenue Road
and Yonge Boulevard within
the City of North York Boundaries.”


Bedford Park-Nortown Preliminary 2016 Neighbourhood Census Profile
From a census perspective, SAHRA is included in the #39 Bedford Park-Nortown area which includes the homes south of the 401/down Yonge St; along Brooke; down to Otter Cres; down to Hillhurst Blvd over to Bathurst on the west.  It incorporates the York Mills Heights Ratepayers’ Association, SAHRA, OOGRA, the dormant Bedford Park Residents’ Association, and a portion of Lytton Park Residents’ Organization.

The census contains interesting data on Population  – makeup and ages, types of dwellings, living arrangements, martial status, size of family, types of families, income levels and languages spoken.

To access the report, click here: https://www.toronto.ca/ext/sdfa/Neighbourhood%20Profiles/pdf/2016/pdf1/cpa39.pdf

Mapping of Residents’ Association
David Topping, a young journalist was engaged in developing an on-line map of all of Toronto’s residents associations and neighbourhood groups.  The map is not yet complete but is moving towards that goal with assistance from various associations and contacts. Dave Meslin is now maintaining the map.

Here’s the link to the website:  http://tango.to/

Below are two views of the SAHRA boundaries:

SAHRA Boundaries

SAHRA Boundaries – closer view