1648-1670 Avenue Road


A rezoning application for 1648-1670 Avenue Road (west side of Avenue Road from Cranbrooke to Brookdale across the road from the Avenue Nissan dealership) was submitted on Oct. 27, 2021.

The development plan is to transform the strip into a mixed-use building, with a total non-residential gross floor area of 830 square metres, and a residential gross floor area of 13,155 square metres. The proposed development is for a 9/10 storey building but it is 36.5 metres in height whereas the Avenue Road Avenue Study height limit is 22.5m so this building is 14 metres or 46 feet taller than permitted. The height is to allow 11’ floor to floor heights, 13 feet for the penthouse and 13 feet for the mechanical/amenity floor. This is substantially talker than the 3 buildings approved to date. There are also concerns about respecting angular plane requirements and balconies projecting into the required stepback. 

A total of 58 residential dwelling units are proposed with 87 vehicular parking spaces (24 for visitors) and 90 bicycle parking spaces below grade. The residential units would be larger than an average condo building the majority, 55%, having three bedrooms. 

Link to the City’s website where all the documents will be posted: http://app.toronto.ca/AIC/index.do?folderRsn=EkJrR1zoG6VYBG1%2BYZQDVQ%3D%3D

The Architectural Plans have been extracted here if you wish to review them:
1648 Avenue Road Architectural Plans – OCT 31 2021 (2)