1940-1942 Avenue Road

In July, 2017, the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) approved an application for a 2-storey rear addition to the existing two-storey building at 1940-1942 Avenue Road but with a modification to the required rear yard setback.  The required rear yard setback is 7.5 metres; the requested was 1.345m but the CofA approved a setback of 3.7m.

The Owner appealed the decision to the Toronto Local Advisory Body (TLAB).  The Appeal was heard on Dec 6, 2017.  SAHRA and the owner of an adjacent commercial building registered as Participants.  The Decision was released on Jan 29, 2018.  TLAB found that the variances with respect to the rear yard setback are not consistent with the standards of the Zoning By-laws and the policies of the Official Plan, and therefore do not maintain the general intent and purpose of both By-laws and the Official Plan.  The rear yard setback remains as approved by the CofA at 3.7m.