2100 Avenue Road

Update – Oct 2021

2100 Avenue Road was approved for conversion to a 3-storey commercial/residential building a number of years ago, with the provision that a certain percentage of soft landscaping was to be provided in the front and side yards. Unfortunately when the landscaping was finished, river rocks were used in the front yard rather than proper soft-landscaping materials. The City inspected the situation and the owner was instructed to replace the river rocks (which are not considered a soft-landscaping material). We are pleased to advise that the river rocks have now been replaced with grass. 


Current Status Aug, 2018

The owner did not proceed with development after the NYCC/City Council approvals in late 2016.  In late July, 2017 the building was listed for sale with the price including the survey, architectural drawings, 3D Renderings and all documents related to permits along with the Commercial Mixed Use Zoning Approval to Build as well as Site Plan Approval subject to a Hydro G Study.

Planning was in favour of this proposal as it would “maintain and legalize the use that has existed on-site since 1992” and they also stated that “the office use would be for an insurance and financial planning business” – now neither are going to happen!

The property was sold to an Injury Law Firm but no construction has commenced as of Aug, 2018.


Update Oct 17, 2016

The Final Report from Planning was very much in favour of the application, recommending that the North York Community Council (NYCC) approve the zoning amendment and all variance requests for this property as either (a) a 3-storey mixed-use building with commercial uses in the basement and on the ground floor level and a residential dwelling unit on the second and third levels OR (b) a 3-storey wholly commercial use.

Councillor Carmichael Greb supported the application and put the Motion forward at the Oct 13 meeting of the North York Community Council to accept Planning’s Report and approve this application – it was Carried.

This is the second residential property in the section north of Joicey up to Wilson to be approved by NYCC for commercial use whereas the Avenue Road Avenue Study recommendation was that the area remain residential as the gateway to Upper Avenue.


Update Sep 28, 2016

A Community Meeting was held on May 25, 2016 to review proposed re-zoning to amend the zoning standards for the Residential Detached Zone (RD) and re-development of this property.

A revised application was submitted on July 8, 2016 for either (a) a 3-storey mixed-use building with commercial uses in the basement and on the ground floor level and a residential dwelling unit on the second and third levels OR (b) a 3-storey wholly commercial use.

The application was scheduled to be heard at the Oct 13, 2016 meeting of the North York Community Council with a Public Hearing if speakers wished to speak.

The totally commercial option will increase the parking requirements but we understand that the proposed parking (3 parking spaces and 1 small car space) would not change. An additional variance will also be required due to an increase in the commercial gross floor area.

At the time of the Avenue Road Avenue Study (2009), there was discussion about whether the detached homes on Avenue Road north of Joicey Blvd should be used for wholly commercial purposes.  Given the difficulty of access and egress on this congested portion of Avenue Road south of the 401 ramps, it was recommended that these dwellings be limited to live/work or wholly residential uses.  The study recommended that Zoning By-law 7625 for the former City of North York be amended for the portion of Avenue Road north of Joicey Blvd and the other low-rise residential neighbourhoods in the North York portion of study area so that Home Occupations could be permitted under the same conditions as are permitted in the former City of Toronto.  By-law 1-83 was amended to allow Home Occupation in the broader study area. Home Occupation is restricted to certain types of businesses and also means that the Owner must live in the home and that other ’employees’ are not permitted to work at the site.

It is important to our Neighbourhood that we maintain this residential gateway into Avenue Road.  The outcome of this proposal will be precedent setting for all future development along Upper Avenue between Joicey and Wilson.


Update Mar, 2016

A Community Hearing was organized to discuss this proposed rezoning and redevelopment on:
Wednesday, March 25  7:00-9:00 p.m.
Armour Heights Community Centre, 2140 Avenue Road
Community Consultation Meeting Notice May 25 2016 combined

The outcome of this proposal will be precedent setting for all future development along Upper Avenue between Joicey and Wilson.
We encourage everyone to attend this important session to provide your feedback/input.

This application proposes to maintain the conversion of the existing one-storey mixed use building converted from residential to office/residential uses and to construct a two-storey addition atop the existing building in order to accommodate a two-storey residential unit on the second and third floor of the building at 2100 Avenue Road. The proposed 2 storey addition would result in a building height of 11.2 metres and a gross floor area of 355.15 square metres.


Update Feb, 2016

The Planning Department published a Preliminary Report (attached) which was presented at the Feb 23, 2016 meeting of the North York Community Council.

Preliminary Staff Report 2100 Avenue Road Jan 13 2016

Architectural Plans:  Architectural Plans

A Community Consultation meeting will now be arranged, possibly on June 25th and it will then go back to the NYCCF, likely in Sept, 2016.

The application seeks to amend Zoning By-law 7625 to permit the proposed dwelling unit, as the By-law currently only allows for single family detached dwellings, to decrease the required parking spaces to provide 3 spaces from 5 spaces and to increase the building length to 19.04 meters. The Avenue Road Avenue Study (2009) specifically states that the area north of Joicey should remain residential although home-based occupations (where the owner lives in the unit) were to be permitted.

The application also seeks to amend Zoning By-law No. 7625 and the City wide Zoning By-law No. 569-2013 to permit the proposed office use, to increase the permitted building height from 8.8 metres (By-law 7625) or 10.0 metres (by-law 569-2013) to 11.2 metres, to increase the permitted number of storeys from 2 storeys to 3 storeys and to increase the lot coverage from 30% to 35.9%.

It is important to note that the By-laws passed controlling Built-Form and Urban Design Guidelines as an outcome of the Avenue Road Avenue Study (2009) only apply to the area between Lawrence to Joicey.  SAHRA believes that a new study and new by-laws would be required for the area from Joicey to Wilson if re-zoning is permitted.

SAHRA submitted a Position Letter on this request to Planning and the North York Community Council for the Feb 23, 2016 meeting.  Our opinion is that the re-zoning request should not be allowed and accordingly, the development requests/variances should also be denied.

SAHRA 2100 Avenue Road letter Feb 19 2016

We understand that Councillor Carmichael Greb’s Development Advisory Panel reviewed this application at their Monday, April 4th meeting.