4050 Yonge Street

Current Status Aug, 2018

Construction has not yet commenced at this site as of Aug, 2018.  The Old Orchard Park playground improvements were completed in 2018.


Update Oct 17, 2016

Councillor Carmichael Greb put an urgent Motion forward at City Council on Oct 5, 2016 to approve the Final Staff Report from Planning on zoning amendments and Section allocations; this was Carried.  We expect that the Building Permit will be issued shortly.  $300,000 is to be paid prior to Dec 1, 2016 – it appears that the City wanted to secure Section 37 funding for needed community improvements and to take advantage of the opportunity to improve existing infrastructure to this site.

The documents specify the overall amount of the Section 37 funds to be paid ($1,500,000) with a list of 5 allocations:

  1. Upgrades to the existing transit passenger pick-up and drop-off parking area along Old York Mills Road
  2. Path and trail improvements/connections within the West Don River Valley area adjacent to the site, York Mills Park and York Mills Valley Park
  3. Improvements to Woburn Park
  4. Improvements to the Douglas Greenbelt
  5. Improvements to Old Orchard Park (replaced Brookdale Park which has recently been improved)

An earlier allocation to ‘Establishment of a Village Square on Dunblaine Avenue’ has been removed as Transportation Services does not agree with this proposed change.