Measures to Enhance Compliance After the Permit Process

Councillors A. Bailao and F. Nunziata submitted Member Motion MM37.21 to City Council on Nov. 9, 2021 on Measures to Enhance Compliance After the Permit Process.

The background information for the motion states “With construction of a significant number of buildings occurring annually across the City of Toronto, there are regular complaints to the City indicating that builders, particularly with smaller properties, are undertaking additional work after the City’s building permit inspection process is complete, resulting in buildings which are not in compliance with the originally approved permits. There are complaints that City inspection and enforcement regulations and protocols do not provide to City staff the ability to fully inspect buildings upon closure of the permit, once the building is occupied. A joint Municipal Licensing and Standards and Toronto Building review of the current inspection and enforcement tools would help identify opportunities to mitigate against these practices.”

City Council adopted a motion on this subject on Nov. 9, 2021 with amendments. City Council directed Toronto Building in consultation with Municipal Licensing and Standards to report to the Planning and Housing Committee in the second quarter of 2022, with options for strengthening the City of Toronto’s enforcement of illegal construction after occupancy, or where a change of use of the property has occurred, as well as options for scheduling and carrying out inspections by the City automatically in the event of a violation notice being issued, not relying on the applicant to communicate with the city for a follow up inspection. FoNTRA supported this motion for strengthening enforcement and SAHRA also submitted a supporting letter as we have experienced problems like this in our Neighbourhood.