What is FoNTRA?

The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations (FoNTRA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization comprised of 28 member organizations.  Its members, all residents’ associations, include at least 170,000 Toronto residents within their boundaries.  The 34 residents’ associations that make up FoNTRA believe that Ontario and Toronto can and should achieve better development.  Its central issue is not whether Toronto will grow, but how.  FoNTRA believes that sustainable urban regions are characterized by environmental balance, fiscal viability, infrastructure investment and social renewal.

The members of FoNTRA agree to work jointly to preserve and enhance the quality of life that makes our area such an enjoyable place to live, shop and work.  FoNTRA is dedicated to safeguarding the sustainability of our neighbourhoods.  We believe in the fairness and democracy of Toronto’s political system.  We also believe it is important that residents and neighbourhoods have early and meaningful input in terms of planning and related issues which are of direct relevance to their community.

Access the FoNTRA website to review all News, FoNTRA Letters, statement on issues in Pages and Posts with both the Municipal and Provincial  government bodies on subjects of interest and concern to the Residents’ Associations within the North Toronto area.


FoNTRA’s 2020 Year End Report

FoNTRA has prepared a ‘Year End 2020/towards a better 2021’ report of events and issues that we need to deal with in 2021.  Click here to read FoNTRA Year End 2020.


Map of Residents’ Associations by Ward

Link to Interactive Version on Google Maps

Website & Member Organizations

Link to FoNTRA’s website for information on Topics and Latest News:

FoNTRA’s member organizations are (review the website for the latest updates):
ABC Residents’ Association
Avenue Road & Eglinton Community Association
Bedford Park Residents’ Association
Deer Park Ratepayers’ Group
Don Mills Residents Inc.
Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association
Eglinton Park Residents’ Association
Forest Hill Homeowners’ Association
Governors Bridge Ratepayers Association
Glenarchy Residents’ Association
Leaside Property Owners’ Association
Lytton Park Residents’ Organization Inc.
Moore Park Residents’ Association
North Rosedale Ratepayers’ Association
Oriole Park Association
St. Andrew’s Ratepayers Association
Sherwood Park Residents’ Association
South Armour Heights Residents’ Association
South Eglinton Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association
South Hill District Home Owners’ Association
Stanely Knowles Housing Co-op
Summerhill Residents’ Association
Teddington Park Residents’ Association
West Lansing Homeowners Association
York Mills Gardens Community Association
York Mills Ratepayers’ Association
York Mills Valley Association

FoNTRA has been instrumental in achieving success related to the new Official Plan, Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) reform and proposed Committee of Adjustment improvements.  They were also involved with the Right-to-Access Bylaw issue, Municipal Electrion Finance Reform and the Tox Chemical Right-to-Know Bylaw.  They have been actively involved with the Yonge Eglington Centre, Mount Pleasant Group of Companies, Jarvis Street and the Development Charge Bylaw issues.

SAHRA is a member of FoNTRA.  Our Board Members attend the FoNTRA meetings to provide input for our neighbourhood.

FoNTRA’s 2017 Year End Report

FoNTRA has been very active this year once again at the Provincial and Municipal level on development, environmental balance, fiscal viability, infrastructure investment and social renewal issues. They have had a productive 16th year – the following major issues are summarized in the attachment ‘FoNTRA Year End Report eBlast outline’.

  • Neighbourhood Planning Forum with City Planning
  • Reform of the OMB
  • Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB)
  • Public Realm Secondary Plans
  • Developing a new City Noise By-law
  • Uncapped sewer laterals
  • Short-term rentals (AirBnB)

FoNTRA Year End Report eBlast outline

FoNTRA’s 2016 Year End Report

The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Association had a very busy year in 2016, their 15th year since inception.  Their 2016 Year End Report is linked below

Highlights include:

  • The first FoNTRA/City Planning Forum held in April focused on issues facing FoNTRA members in areas designated Neighbourhoods
  • Participated in the development and work of the Toronto Noise Coalition; now are wroking with a stakeholder committee to advise on a new Noise By-law
  • Submitted a comprehensive letter and summary to the Province with recommendations for changes to the mandate, role and operations of the Ontario Municipal Board
  • A working group is preparing to meet to discuss issues residents face with the Committee of Adjustment
  • FoNTRA representatives participated in various City initiatives to ensure the view of residents were heard

Please read the Report for details.
FoNTRA 2016 Year End Report