Position Papers

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Links are provided for the following Submissions and Letters:

FoNTRA Submission to City of Toronto on 2021 Capital and Operating Budget considerations Jan 25 2021

The Budget for the City of Toronto is currently reviewing the Capital and Operating Budgets for 2021.  This year the City faces fiscal challenges on a scale that is unprecedented.  The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations (FoNTRA) is an umbrella organization of over 30 residents associations in Midtown, North Toronto and North York (SAHRA is one of the members) and they have submitted recommendations for the City’s budget in three key areas:

  1. Focus on Recovery and Rebuild Initiatives to become a Better Place
    Recommend: That City Council direct its resources to Recovery and Rebuild Initiatives
  2. Accelerate – not reduce – Planning Studies
    Recommend: That City Council provide City Planning with additional funds to allow for Planning Studies to be accelerated
  1. Raise Additional Revenues which align with Recovery and Rebuild Objectives
    Recommend: That City Council ensure that “contribution to city building” is a key consideration in its consideration of revenue tools

You can read the full FonTRA Submission here at FoNTRA 2021 Budget Submission Jan 25 2021


FoNTRA Submission to Metrolinx on New Track and Facilities – Don Valley Train Layover Facility Jan 28 2021
FoNTRA Metrolinx TPAP EPR Jan 28 2021


FoNTRA Submission to Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing on proposed implementation of provisions in the Planning Act that provide the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing enhanced authority to address certain matters as part of a zoning order (MZO) Jan 28, 2021


Jan and Feb 2019 Submissions to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing:

FoNTRA-GrowthPlan-Amendment 1-2019-01-29

Housing Supply Consultation Summary Feb 4 2019

Housing supply submision MMAH Final Feb 4 2019