Open House – April 12, 2018

It has been six years since T.A.N.G. began their advocacy on the issue of aircraft noise in our neighbourhoods and they are still at it! There have been countless meetings with elected officials at all levels and a number of independent studies, third party reviews and consultations initiated by NAV CANADA and the GTAA. TANG has been a respected, full time participant at all these events and continues to lend its voice on your behalf for a fair, balanced approach to flight path routes and airspace implementations.

They are pleased to inform you that a number of the “technical” initiatives we proposed have been successfully studied and will soon be implemented. Some include a retrofit (installation of a vortex generator) of noisy aircraft, some changes to increase aircraft altitudes on arrival and a new route for restricted hours (12:30am to 6:29am) flights. They welcome these positive changes.

What remains unresolved is the disproportionate utilization of runways at Pearson Airport. Our communities, affected by airspace changes in 2012, still account for 40 percent of all arrivals! Recently published data from the GTAA indicate that our current, annual flights of 88,000 flights (2017) will grow to over 120,000 because of projected growth plans at Pearson.

On the evening of April 12, 2018 at 7:00 the GTAA will be hosting a Community Open House at the Leaside Gardens (William Lea Tea Room) to discuss their airport operations and noise abatement initiatives. The “come and go” format allows residents to get answers to their questions without having to sit through a long presentation they don’t understand. It is crucial that a large number of residents attend this event as a demonstration of our communities support of TANG and the aviation noise issue. Numbers mean everything at this point of our advocacy. Our elected officials have been invited to attend.

Please see the link below for more information about the public meetings and how to register for the event. If you can’t attend the event we encourage you to fill out the online survey.


Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.) Update

Go to the following link to review T.A.N.G.’s response to NAV CANADA’s response to the Helios report (Dec, 2017):  http://torontoaviationnoise.ca/news/

Toronto Pearson Airport Presentation on concentrated Jetpath Noise

Helios, the UK based consulting firm that has been performing an Independent Toronto Airspace review for NavCanada over the past year, will be making their final, and only, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) presentation to the public on Monday, September 18, 2017 at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites, 5875 Airport Road, Mississauga. http://bit.ly/2uNbgqR

This is a very important presentation regarding our Toronto Pearson Airport concentrated jetpath noise issue.

You must register here to attend https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/independent-toronto-airspace-review-final-presentation-tickets-36459889511

Here is the text of Helios’ invitation:
“Helios, together with Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake, are nearing the end of their Independent Toronto Airspace Review and invite you to attend the final presentation. At the event Nick Boud and Bo Redeborn will present an overview of the recommendations they are making to NAV CANADA to mitigate the impact of aviation noise on the Greater Toronto Area. The event is a public event, open and free to all. We are expecting a large turnout to this event and to be able to make sure the evening runs smoothly we strongly urge you to register your attendance in advance.”

Toronto Aviation Noise Group Update #5 February, 2015

WHO ARE WE?  A broad consensus of residents and multiple ratepayer association from midtown Toronto neighbourhoods negatively affected by the highly concentrated arrivals route at Pearson International Airport. The new flight path was unfairly implemented in February 2012 by Nav Canada without effective consultation that included affected communities and their elected representatives.

WHAT ARE WE EXPERIENCING? A disproportionate amount of excessive noise from whining, low flying aircraft that represents approximately 40 percent of all arrivals at Pearson’s 24 hour operation. Sleep disruption and other accompanying health risks are presenting themselves and are of great concern.

WHAT ARE WE ASKING FOR? T.A.N.G. is committed to achieving an amended airspace design which takes a more balanced, community sensitive approach to safe flight traffic for Toronto residents.

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Over the last three years T.A.N.G. has engaged with local, provincial and federal politicians, made representations at the Community Environmental Noise Advisory Committee, met with Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer, undertaken extensive research on why and how Nav Canada created this intolerable flight path, attempted to engage with Nav Canada and, most importantly, made two submissions to the Honourable Lisa Raitt, MP, Minister of Transport in which we have proposed solutions.

Our most recent submission to the Minister, dated November, 2014 was prepared for us by an active airline captain with 35 years’ experience. Captain Inch believes that the current flight path, and others at Pearson, not only cause much more aviation noise than is necessary but also burn more fuel and extend flight times. His submission, prepared on behalf of T.A.N.G. for the Minister of Transport, proposes detailed solutions to the unacceptable noise under which we live, many kilometres from the airport. These solutions focus on an arrivals profile which keeps aircraf higher and also an amendment to the path which reduces the time over residential areas and follows a shorter approach to Pearson. Because of the time and cost savings involved these solutions are proving to be of interest to airlines and other air industry professionals. Captain Inch has now had discussions with Transport Canada staff and representatives from Nav Canada on these proposals. These discussions have been facilitated by MP John Carmichael, Don Valley West and the Minister’s office. We have recently been informed by the Minister that “our submissions will be considered as a part of our evaluation process.” We are confident that, with this submission to the Minister, we have been able to demonstrate clearly that there are innovative and effective solutions to the noise problem created three years ago by Nav Canada. We look to the Minister to ensure that the work now underway results in the implementation, in a timely manner, of these or other viable proposals for relief from aircraf noise.

The submission can be read in full on the T.A.N.G. website, listed under the Inch Report:


Please add your voice by emailing the Minister with your concerns: [email protected]

Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.) Update #3

We have received an update on T.A.N.G.’s work to find a solution to the problem of living under a high concentrated flight path to Pearson, implemented in Feb, 2012.  We have updated their notes and images from a powerpoint presentation which together outline the results of   their research and their current position on possible mitigation strategies.  This material is somewhat technical in its present form but will be useful in helping you understand what T.A.N.G. has been doing in the last several months.  This material has gone to the Minister of Transport, Lisa Raitt,for her consideration.

You can submit a noise complaint to GTAA Noise Complaints at 416-247-7682 or http://www.torontopearson.com/en/noisecomplaint/#

TANG Update #3