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Stewardship in Public Ravines

On Nov 25, City Council will consider Councillor James Pasternak’s motion that City Parks, Forestry, and Recreation review the draft Stewardship Manual (prepared by students in the University of Toronto’s Forestry Program and the Toronto Ravines Revitalization Science consortium). The draft Manual provides an excellent model for City of Toronto ravine stewardship programs and we hope will lead to an effective City program for involving citizens in private/public ravine stewardship initiatives. Review the Manual here 

The Midtown Ravines Group (a consortium of residents associations working for better ecological balance and improved park use in ravines in Midtown Toronto) and the Fedeeration of North Toronto Residents’ Association have submitted supporting letters to City Council. 


Save Our Ravines Town Hall

Councillor Mike Colle has provided links that were noted during the Save on Ravines town hall on Jan 21, 2019, where community members can find more information on Toronto’s ravines.

 City of Toronto
Toronto Ravine Strategy:

  • Here you can find links to both the Strategy document and the Homeowner’s Guide to Healthy Ravines.

University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry’s Toronto Ravine Revitalization Study 1977 – 2017

Toronto Ravine Revitalization Study 1977 – 2017:

Recent News Articles

December 11, 2018 article published in Post City:

December 21, 2018 article published in The Guardian:

December 31, 2018 article published in The Toronto Star:

On January 21, 2019 Councillor College hosted a public town hall meeting to address the issue of protecting Toronto’s ravines. The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry recently released the Toronto Ravine Revitalization Study, warning about the dire health of the City’s ravines. The public town hall meeting brought together key expert stakeholders to help develop a comprehensive response to this imminent threat so that we can mobilize and Save our Ravines.



Ward 16 Parks

The Parks, Forestry and Recreation department of the City of Toronto provided the following information in response to SAHRA’s request for information for further information after reviewing the ‘Park Plan 2013-2017’. The department prepared a report and maps with the information requested. The current list of capital projects for Ward 16 is based on 5, 10 and 20 year capital plans and informed by legacy strategies, “Our Common Grounds” (2004) and “Recreation Facilities Report” (2004).  As directed therein, much of their attention has been focused on maintaining the state of good repair of our existing assets. The long range plans may change as a result of the impending Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan.  Parks, Forestry and Recreation is in the process of hiring a consulting firm to conduct a comprehensive review of the current state of our facilities city-wide to recommend directions for the future.  There will be opportunity for community and stakeholder input later this year.

A diagram of all the parks in Ward 16: Ward 16 Parks_2
A diagram of all capital projects for those parks: Ward 16 ParksCapProj_1
The report prepared by Parks, Forestry and Recreation of Ward 16 Parks: Ward_16_Parks_RP_LA_2

Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan 2019-2038

The Master Plan was presented to the Executive Committee on Oct 10, 2017 (attached).  A Summary of Recommendations is attached.  No changes are planned for Ward 16 including the Armour Heights Community Centre or the North Toronto Memorial Community Centre.

The full report can be reviewed at