Speed Limit Issues

Speed Limit Changes in Ward 8 / SAHRA area

The good news is that on May 24, 2022 North York Community Council approved Ward 8 being designated with a speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour.  There are some exceptions – highways or bridges, arterial roads, collector roads and some other definitions in the Municipal Code as defined in the City’s Road Classification System.

Streets defined as ‘collector roads’ will remain at 40 km/hour whereas the other streets will be 30 km/hour. The diagram shows that in our area Brooke Ave and Yonge Blvd are considered as collector roads and will therefore remain at 40 km/hr.

SAHRA feels that this is going to be very confusing and also dangerous on the collector roads that are going to remain at 40 km/hr.  We are discussing this matter with Transportation as part of the Avenue Road Traffic Study.

Automated Speed Enforcement Cameras Installed

Some months ago, street signs were posted on Wilson Avenue near Armour Heights Public School that indicated the area is a Community Safety Zone and that fines are increased this zone. Additional signs were put up to warn that speed enforcement cameras would arrive “soon”. Well, soon has arrived! The cameras have been installed, along with a digital readout which advises how fast vehicles are travelling. Speeding tickets will be issued by the province through the mail to the owner of the vehicle, regardless of who is driving. Please be respectful and drive below the speed limit. Details can be found on the City’s website.


Speed Camera on Wilson “coming soon”

The City has installed fifty “Automated Speed Enforcement Systems”  (i.e. speed enforcement cameras) throughout the city, in Community Safety Zones near schools. The units are mobile and will be relocated every three to six months. The selection of sites is based upon a multi-factor prioritisation analysis. Apparently the area around Armour Heights Public School did not make it into the top priority for the first placement of the cameras, but a sign on Wilson Avenue eastbound, just east of Avenue Road, warns that a camera is “coming soon”. Hopefully this will reduce the speed of vehicles as they travel on this section of Wilson Avenue, reducing the risk to pedestrian safety for students and others alike.
At the introduction of these cameras from January to March, owners of speeding vehicles received warning letters, but the City has been issuing tickets since July 6.
Please drive carefully whenever you are behind the wheel, but be especially vigilant near schools and other areas where children may be present.
More information can be found on the City’s website at https://www.toronto.ca/services-payments/streets-parking-transportation/road-safety/vision-zero/safety-initiatives/automated-speed-enforcement/


Speed Limit Reduction – Collector and Minor Arterial Streets in Ward 16

The North York Community Council on July 4, 2018 reduced the speed limit from 50 to 40 km/h on the following streets, which are adjacent to the SAHRA area:

  • Ledbury St (between Fairlawn and Lawrence Ave W)
  • Ledbury St (between Old Orchard Grove and Melrose)
  • Ridley Blvd (between Old Orchard Grove and Deloraine)
  • Roselawn Ave (between Bathurst and Chaplin)
  • Woburn Ave (from 141.1 metres west of Elm Road and Ledbury St)
  • Yonge Blvd (between Brooke and 55.8 metres northwest of McNairn)


Speed Limit Reduction on all Local Streets in Ward 16 to 40 km/hr

The North York Community Council on April 4, 2018 adopted a motion to reduce the speed limit from 50 km/hr to 40 km/hr on all local roads within the boundaries of Ward 16, excluding those roads that bound other wards or Community Council areas.


Speed Limits on Elm Rd between Joicey and Felbrigg

As of Sept, 2018 the speed humps have been installed on Elm between Felbrigg and Joicey.  Warning signs and Traffic Calming signs have not been installed – the Councillor has been asked about this.

Go to the PLANNING/Traffic/Traffic Calming – Elm Road for details on this issue.  A link is provided to the NYCC Decision document.


Elm Rd Speed Humps NYCC Feb 21 2018


Speed Limits on SAHRA’s Streets

Transportation Services recommended to North York Community Council on April 5, 2016 that speed limit changes be made to 11 of our side streets to modify them from 50 km/h to the standard of 40 km/h.  Approved on April 5, 2016!  SAHRA did a survey in the Summer of 2018 and all the street signs now reflect 40 km/hr.

Transportation Staff Report Mar 2016
Transportation Staff Report Map Mar 2016

July 19, 2015 Update:
In a June 3 Email Blast, we provided an analysis of the 21 streets in the SAHRA boundaries showing that there are 10 anomalies where interior residential streets are rated at 50 km/hr.  A spreadsheet was submitted to the Councillor and Candice Martins, Traffic Operations on May 30/June 8th.  We have been told that Traffic will add it to their waiting list but the wait time is currently at least 9 months; the Councillor has confirmed that our request will have to undergo the process and time line that Traffic has outlined.

The Toronto and East York Community Council approved a change in June, 2015 of all residential streets to 30 km for Toronto and East York. Now also may be considered by the North York Community Council. We were advised by Councillor’s office that even if this was approved Transportation Services is stating that the expected time frame for Implementation “would take over two years to complete but more realistically 3 years”.

The 10 (now 11) anomaly situations are (defined as 50 km/hr):
Delhi Avenue (added)
Dunblaine Ave
Elm Road (above Roe)
Greer Road (above Roe)
Haddington Ave (east of Avenue Rd)
Harley Ave (west of Yonge Blvd)
Hedon Ave
Jainey Place
Joicey Blvd (from Old Orchard Grove)
Ridley Blvd (from Old Orchard Grove)

June 5, 2015 Update:
Searches have been done on Municipal Code Speed Limits for the 21 streets within SAHRA’s boundaries. It is very interesting that there are anomalies to what we would expect which would be primarily 40 km/hr speed limits on the residential streets within our main street boundaries.  If no speed limit is posted, the default speed limit of 50 km/hr applies.  We appear to have 10 situations that need to be reviewed.  SAHRA is arranging a meeting with Traffic Operations to review all of these anomalies at one time, as the most efficient way to deal with the problems.  Attached is a spreadsheet showing the listed Speed Limits for each street with details on the ‘Between’ information.

Street Speed Limits