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Student Assistance in North Toronto for Seniors (and Adults with Disabilities)

As a senior or a person with a disability do you need help with odd jobs around your house or apartment?  SAINTS will find a high school student in our community who is available to lend a hand after school and on weekends.  SAINTS student can help with gardening, snow shoveling, grocery shopping, cleaning, painting, odd jobs as well as basic computer and technical advice.  Give SAINTS a call at 416-481-6284 or go to for more information on the program. 

Toronto’s Tree Canopy
Trees for Me offers free, native trees to Toronto Residents
To learn more, visit Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation or visit

Get Emergency Ready 

With the floods last summer and the ice storm this winter, we need to think about Emergency Planning for the future….what we should do in advance, what we should do at the time and what we should not do.

Being emergency ready means that you have a plan so that you and your family know what to do in an emergency.  You may need to look after your own needs and those of your family for up to 72 hours after an emergency occurs.  You should have an emergency kit – at home, work and in your vehicle – with food, water and supplies to last at least 72 hours.

The City of Toronto Office of Emergency Management has prepared a pamphlet  ‘Get Emergency Ready’  with helpful information, instructions, tips, checklists and forms.

You can download this pamphlet from:



The Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Association (FoNTRA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization comprised of 28 member organizations.  Its members, all residents’ associations, include at least 170,000 Toronto residents within their boundaries.   FoNTRA believes that sustainable urban regions are characterized by environmental balance, fiscal viability, infrastructure investment and social renewal. The members of FoNTRA agree to work jointly to preserve and enhance the quality of life that makes our area such an enjoyable place to live, shop and work.  FoNTRA is dedicated to safeguarding the sustainability of our neighbourhoods;  believes in the fairness and democracy of Toronto’s political system; and also believes it is important that residents and neighbourhoods have early and meningful input in terms of planning and related issues which are of direct relevance to their community.

See the attached letter FoNTRA sent to the Honourable Kathleen Wynne, MPP, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, with copies to City Council and the Chief Planner on FoNTRA’s position on the Council request to remove Toronto from the OMB.


Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods Ontario (F.U.N.)

The Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods (Ontario) Inc. was founded on November 24, 2001. It is a province-wide volunteer-based umbrella organization of community and neighbourhood associations.

The objectives of F.U.N. are to promote awareness of urban issues, undertake projects which will enhance quality of life for residents of urban settings, establish a resource base for information, share expertise, represent the common interests of member organizations before public and private bodies as well as to encourage citizens to actively participate in and become informed about community and civic affairs.

F.U.N. Constitution & Bylaws (updated May 7,2011)

Since its formation, FUN (Ontario) has been a strong and consistent voice on issues affecting neighbourhood associations and civic organizations throughout Ontario.

F.U.N. has published an article by William H. Roberts on “You and the OMB”.




Avenue Road Study


This report summarizes and contains recommendations to implement the Avenue Study for the portion of Avenue Road between Lawrence and Wilson Avenues. Since 2007, City staff, consultants, the Ward Councillor and members of the local community have worked together to study this area and put forward a framework for new development and the improvement of the public realm on this portion of Avenue Road. The implementation of this study includes an amendment to the North York Zoning By-law to create a new zoning regime suited to this Avenue segment, an amendment to the Official Plan and former Toronto Zoning By-law to recognize an existing ravine park and urban design guidelines to guide development onthis portion of Avenue Road. Read this report to review the 21 Recommenmdations and to review the ten larger and deeper development sites with a proposed height limit of 7 storeys  or 22.5 metres (go to the Planning and Development page for a summary listing of the ten sites).     


City of Toronto


Jane’s Walk

Jane Jacobs was a famous urbanologist who lived in Toronto from 1968 until her passing in 2006, a person who was passionate about protecting and enhancing cities from unbridled growth.  She pinpointed the existence of thriving neighbourhoods as the essential building block ensuring that cities were liveable and dynamic entities.   Inspired by the life and work of Jane Jacobs, Jane’s Walk encourages citizens to get out and explore their cities through organized walks.  Visit this website for more information on the history of the Jane’s Walk and the sites for walks.

The North York Historical Society
Established in the Borough of North York, 1960 providing
Walking tours
Community heritage events
Archives for research and study
North York heritage/history promotion
Historic plaquing and markers

The Society has an appointee on the Gibson House/Historic Zion Schoolhouse Museum Board. *  The Society encourages members to serve as citizen representatives on the North York Community Preservation Panel. *  Affiliate of the Ontario Historical Society. Founding member of the Toronto Historical Association (previously Metro Area Heritage Group).

The Toronto Green Community

Toronto Green Community is a grassroots, non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1995 with a mission to engage Torontonians in environmental initiatives where they live, work and play.

Their Vision is for people to live in sustainable communities with:

Clean Air and Water
Local, Organic food
Abundant Green Spaces
Minimal Waste

They support numerous programs that aim to inspire greener living including:

Apartment Greening: Door-to-door education for tenants of high-rise buildings on greening initiatives including waste reduction, and conservation of water and energy.

Speaker Series: Public events featuring prominent experts speaking on a range of environmental issues.

Diversity & Environment Network:  A cross-sectoral network to promote & support community initiatives that link environmental issues to poverty, marginalization and social exclusion.

Some of their other successful initiatives are the Lost River Walks and Community Garden.


Lost River Walks

The objective of Lost River Walks is to encourage understanding of the city as a part of nature rather than apart from it, and to appreciate and cherish our heritage. Lost River Walks aims to create an appreciation of the city’s intimate connection to its water systems by tracing the courses of forgotten streams, by learning about our natural and built heritage and by sharing this information with others.

The Toronto Green Community started Lost River Walks to help us discover the fascinating world of the watershed beneath our feet. This site is the start of a field book on the lost streams of Toronto. Bits of our city’s history, both natural and built, are included. Those interested can take a virtual lost creeks walk, or better, use the information to take a self-guided tour. Come explore nature hidden under our city and along its ravines and byways.

“Lost River Walks,” is a joint project of The Toronto Green Community, The Toronto Field Naturalists and community partners including Hike Ontario. Lost River Walks is an official Ontario Legacy Trail, and has been voted one of the 24 best walking programs / trail systems in the province.

Port Lands Public Consultation

For information about the Port Lands, visit or

From March 31 – April 15, 2012, Waterfront Toronto, the City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority held the second round of public consultation for the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative.  The consultion started on March 31, 2012 with an Open House at the Design Exchange, where key findings and preliminary options were shared.  Following the Open House, public comments and input were sought at two identical Feedback Workshops on April 3rd and 4th and online.

A draft summary report and attachments are available from the website for download.

Draft Summary Report for Round 2 Consultation (4 page high level summary on the feedback received)
Attachments to the Draft Summary Report (123 pages including Table Discussion Guides, Individual Discussion Guides and other written comments)

The draft report was written by the independent facilitation team for the project (Lura Consulting and SWERHUN).  If you have any comments and/or suggested edits to the draft report, please forward them to Alex Heath ( no later than Friday, April 27, 2012 after which point the report will be edited (as necessary) and finalized.

Crime Prevention Association of Toronto
The Crime Prevention Association of Toronto, CPAT is a community-based crime prevention organization that assists and empowers neighbourhoods, businesses, and individuals to take action to reduce crime.

In order to fulfill its mandate, CPAT has brought together a network of crime prevention practitioners, including members of the Toronto Police Service, to reduce crime through education and the sharing of resources and expertise. CPAT has experienced and qualified staff, a dedicated and professional board of directors, engaged official members and thousands of community volunteers. CPAT has earned the respect of colleagues; Internationally, Nationally, Provincially, and Municipally.

“Mobilize, Educate and Support communities to prevent crime.”

“Crime Costs, Prevention Pays”

We are committed to helping you positively impact your community. We believe we can best accomplish this through the following objectives:

Access the website for information on the programs and safety and security tips: