SAHRA Information – Bill 108 Submissions

Bill 108 Submission SAHRA May 2019

The changes proposed in Bill 108 will have a significant impact on the residents within our Neighbourhood. It is important that the City of Toronto, the Mayors of Cities across Toronto, Residents’ Associations (individual Associations, FonTRA, CORRA and FUN) and the citizens of Ontario submit their opinions on this Omnibus Bill to the Province.

We need the Provincial government to extend the imposed June 1 dealing to allow adequate time for review and to suggest modifications to the proposed Bill 108.

SAHRA’s submission is attached along with the submission by the Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations (FoNTRA).

Please add to the growing number of concerned organizations and citizens making their view known by sending your email to Premier Doug Ford, Minister Steve Clark and MPP Robin Martin (email addresses are listed in the SAHRA letter).

Bill 108 Submission SAHRA May 2019

FoNTRA letter re Bill 108 to province May 29 2019