2088 Avenue Road

Current Status Aug, 2018

The developer has not proceeded further with this application since the May 4, 2015 Communication Consultation Meeting.  However, the application remains On File, in a dormant state.  In the meantime, the property has been leased as a residential dwelling.


Community Consultation Meeting – May 4, 2015

A reminder about this meeting  – it is important that Residents attend this meeting if possible to point out to the City that it is our expectation that the Avenue Road Study recommendations will be honoured.

If you are not able to attend the meeting, please forward an email to Ben DiRaimo ([email protected]) with a copy to our Councillor ([email protected]) and SAHRA ([email protected]) stating your opinion on this request for re-zoning and the construction of a 5 storey complex north of Joicey, in a section of Avenue which was to remain as residential zoning.  A template is attached that you can modify as you wish to state your opinions.
2088 Avenue Road May 4 Opinion
May 4, 2015 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Armour Heights Community Centre, Room 3 2088 Avenue Road Community Consultation Meeting – northwest corner of Joicey
The City is holding a Community Consultation meeting where you can learn more about this application, ask questions and share your comments.  To speak to the planner directly, contact Ben DiRaimo at 416-395-7119 or [email protected]. You may also contact Councillor Christin Carmichael Greb, Ward 16 at 416-392-4090.

Extracts from the Staff Report: The applicant is proposing to demolish the existing single-storey residential dwelling and construct a new 5-storey business and professional office with two residential dwelling units (bachelor apartments) on the upper two floors.

The new building is proposed with a gross floor area of 540.3 square metres, of which 153.3 square metres would be intended for ground floor retail, 253.9 square metres for office uses, and 132.7 square metres for commercial uses. The building is proposed with a floor space index (FSI) of approximately 1.7. A total of two parking spaces are proposed within the rear yard of the building accessed from a driveway from Joicey Boulevard consistent with where the existing driveway is presently located.

The City’s Official Plan calls for a significant proportion of future growth along the Avenues. Avenue Road between Lawrence Avenue West and Wilson Avenue was selected as one of three Avenue Studies to be undertaken in 2007. The Avenue Road Avenue Study addresses the two-kilometre length of Avenue Road between Lawrence Avenue West and Wilson Avenue. City Council on November 30, December 1, 2, 4 and 7th, 2009 adopted the final staff report for the Avenue Road Avenues Study. The key recommendations of the study focus on creating conditions for smaller-scale, mid-rise developments of five-storeys with limited opportunities for larger-scale developments up to seven-storeys for the area between Lawrence Avenue West and Joicey Boulevard. The function of Avenue Road as a primarily retail-oriented street should be retained and new development or redevelopment will be required to maintain an active retail frontage.

However, Avenue Road between Joicey Boulevard and Wilson Avenue is characterized by low-scale, residential uses with some lower scale commercial uses as the primary form of development. The study also noted the difficulty of access and egress to and from the 401 and recommended that this portion of Avenue Road be limited to live/work units or wholly-residential uses.

The subject lands are currently zoned “One Family Detached Dwelling Seventh Density Zone – Exception 16 (R7(16))” in Zoning By-law No. 7625 of the former City of North York and “Residential Detached Zone (RD f9.0; a275)” in the new City of Toronto Zoning By-law No. 569-2013. This zoning permits single detached dwellings and accessory buildings, recreational uses, and makes special provisions for home occupation uses.An amendment to Zoning By-law No. 7625 for the former City of North York and the new City of Toronto Zoning By-law No. 569-2013 is required as the R7(16) and RD (f9.0; a275) zonings do not permit the proposed 5-storey mixed-use building. A rezoning application is required to implement the necessary zoning standards that would facilitate the new development.

The proposal will be reviewed to determine whether the proposal is appropriate within the context of the area. Other issues identified to date in the review of this application include:

  • Compliance with the Avenue Road Avenue Study and implementing Zoning By-law and uses, which provides for lower-scale development along this portion of Avenue Road, due to houseform character and congestion concerns;
  • The height and density of the proposed use;
  • The appropriateness of introducing the proposed building type given the existing context of this mixed use area;
  • Conformity with the environmental performance measures of the Toronto Green Standard;
  • Accuracy of the information and dimensions on the proposed plans;
  • Assessment of site servicing including stormwater management;
  • Appropriate treatment of the building elevations and landscaping;
  • Appropriateness for parkland dedication, and;
  • Traffic impact, parking, and loading assessment, including the feasibility of having minimal parking on site.
Please join us at this Community Consultation Meeting to state your opinions on this proposed development.