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Newsletter Winter 2018
2018 Membership Drive
SAHRA Annual General Meeting April 11, 2018″
Bedford Park-Nortown Census Profile
What SAHRA Does
SAHRA Needs Your Help
Need Your Email Address
Thank You!
OMB Appeal – 250 Lawrence Ave W
Survey  —  complete the ONLINE version by visiting the following link:

Newsletter Spring 2017
250 Lawrence Avenue
1560 Avenue Road (at Douglas)
The Brookdale
Basement Sprawl
Armour Heights Public School Traffic
Speed Humps on Elm Rd
Avenue Road Avenue Study Recommendations Review Report

Newsletter Fall 2016

Newsletter Spring 2016
Avenue Road Avenue Study
By-law 107-2010
2078 Avenue Road
1912-1914 Avenue Road
2088 Avenue Road
250 Lawrence Avenue West
2100 Avenue Road

Newsletter Fall 2015
1912-1914 Avenue Road (at Brooke)
2078 Avenue Road (at Joicey)
2088 Avenue Road (at Joicey)
250 Lawrence Avenue West
Speed Limits
Rodent Control

Newsletter Winter 2015
Basement Flooding / Downspout Disconnection Program
Chimney Issue
Issues Reviewing with Councillor

Newsletter Sept 2014

Newsletter Spring 2014
Get Emergency Ready
Right-of-Entry Permit

Newsletter Winter 2014
Chimney Issue
200 Ridley Blvd
Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy

Newsletter Winter 2014 Insert
Tips for Dealing with the Developer on the Construction of a New House

Newsletter Sept 2013 B

Newsletter Spring 2013
About the Canadian Forces College

Newsletter Winter 2013
Useful Guide to North York Committee of Adjustment
Dealing with CofA Applications
The Avenue Road Study

Newsletter Winter 2013 Security Insert
Focusing on Security
Guide to the North York CofA  C of A Guide_1

Newsletter Aug 2012

Newsletter April 2012
Alleyway Improvements

Newsletter March 2012

Newsletter Winter 2012
The $10K Chimney Surprise!


SAHRA Information – Dec 10, 2018
Auto Thefts on the Rise
Bill 66 – Premier Doug Ford Exemptions for Industry Lobbyists Threatens Greenbelt, Green Water
Do You Know Where Your Catch Basins Are?
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle during the Holiday Season

SAHRA Information – Nov 13 2018
Understanding Hearing Loss
Toronto Hydro – Ontario Energy Board Community Meetings

SAHRA Information – Nov 5 2018
Traffic Advisory

SAHRA Information – Octc 24 2018
OMB Decision – 250 Lawrence Ave W
Local Mapping Workshop
Armour Heights Public School
Crime Update
1560 Avenue Road @ Douglas

SAHRA Information – Sept 28 2018
SAHRA Survey – Winter 2018

SAHRA Information – Aug 31 2018
2018 Municipal Election
Bedford Park Residents’ Organization
Launch of new SAHRA Website
Armour Heights Community Centre Programs
Better Living Health and Community Services
Home Energy Loan Program)

SAHRA Information – Jul 9 2018
Neighbours’ Night Out Thank You’s
Changes to Fence Requirements
Avenue Road Bridge Construction
Dufferin Street Bridge / Yorkdale Road
Area 40 Basement Flooding & Water Quality Improvements Study

SAHRA Information – June 14, 2018
Neighbours’ Night Out (Jun 19)
York Mills Eyecare
250 Lawrence Ave OMB/LPAT Hearing

SAHRA Information – May 31, 2018
Report for 2017
Thank You to Ron Johnson
Thank You to our Volunteers
City Aleert re Lyme Disease and Tics
Toronto Community Council Boundary Feedback
Speed Reduction on all Local Streets in Ward 16 to 40 km/hr

SAHRA Information – May 3, 2018
Jane’s Walks
Native Plant Sales
North Toronto Group of Artists Studio Art Tour & Sale

SAHRA Information – Apr 17, 2018 Word
Community Clean-up Events
Lytton Park Residents’ Organization Spring Newsletter
Jane’s Walks
Doors Open Toronto
Picking Up After Your Pet

SAHRA Information – Apr 9, 2018
Toronto Aviation Noise Group (TANG) Open House
2018 Annual General Meeting (Apr 11)
Solid Waste Management – Policy for Accepting New Materials
Councillor Jaye Robinson’s Ward 25 Crime and Safety Meeting
Community Environment Days
17th Annual Community Stewardship Program

SAHRA Information – April 3, 2018
Extending submission date for the Survey
City Review of Fence Bylaw
2018 General Meeting (Apr 11)

SAHRA Information – Mar 24, 2018 Word
Reminder about submitting the Survey
250 Lawrence Ave West fundraising
Attendance at OMB Hearing May 22-Jun 1
2018 Annual General Meeting (Apr 11)
Fairlawn United Church Book Sale (Apr 26-28)
Armour Heights Presbyterian Church Rummage Sale (Apr 28)
2018 Neighbours’ Night Out (Jun 19)

SAHRA INFORMATION – Feb 12, 2018 Word
Speed Humps on Elm Rd between Joicey and Felbrigg
Community Meeting about 250 Lawrence Ave West development
2018 Annual General Meeting
Armour Heights Presbyterian Rummage Sales
2018 Neighbours’ Night Out
SAHRA Needs Help

SAHRA Information – Feb 5, 2018
Community Meeting about 250 Lawrence Ave West development
SAHRA Needs Help
1940-1942 Avenue Road appeal to TLAB
8 Haddington Avenue appeal to TLAB
Armour Heights Community Centre Programs
2018 Annual General Meeting
2018 Neighbours’ Night Out
Save the Regent Theatre!
Know Before You Throw! Ask the Waste Wizard!

SAHRA Information – Jan 8, 2018
Bill 139 (OMB Reform)
Bill 139 Transition
FoNTRA Year End Report – FoNTRA Year End Report eBlast outline
Traffic Calming – Elm Rd – Elm Rd Traffic Calming SAHRA Nov 2017
3-storey Appeal to TLAB
Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.) Update
Winter-wise tips
IT and Electronic Equipment Disposal

SAHRA Information – Nov 17, 2017
Traffic Calming – Elm Road
LPRO Newsletter – LPRO Newsletter November 2017

SAHRA Information – Nov 1, 2017
Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan 2019-2038
Third Party Sign Tax
1580 Avenue Road (Beer Store)
1780 Avenue Road (Post Office)

SAHRA Information Oct 15, 2017
Is Heritage in Toronto’s Future?
Avenue Road Developments
Halloween Events
The Good Neighbour Guide
Toronto Water: Not Down the Drain Campaign
New Parking Violation Dispute Process
Fall Maintenance
Toronto Aviation Noise Group (T.A.N.G.) Update

SAHRA Information – Sep 18 2017
“Please slow down” Signs
Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB)
Upgrades to Woburn and Brookdale Parks

SAHRA Information _ Sept 13, 2017
Avenue Road Bridge
Presentation on Toronto Pearson Airport concentrated Jetpath Noise Issue
250 Lawrence Avenue West
1780 Avenue Road
1580 Avenue Road

SAHRA Information Aug 17 2017
Bill 139
Avenue Road Bridge
Presentation on Toronto Pearson Airport concentrated Jetpath Noise Issue

SAHRA Information – May 14, 2017
The Brookdale (1700 Avenue Road) Construction Management Plan

SAHRA Information – May 7, 2017
Public Meeting: North Toronto Memorial Community Centre Renovations
Environment Days
Doors Open Toronto
Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB)
CofA Mediation Project
Donate to the Furniture Bank

SAHRA Information – April 13, 2017
SAHRA Annual General Meeting – Election of Directors and Officers
Report for 2016
Thanks to our Volunteers
Avenue Road Avenue Study
Change in timing of Neighbours’ Night Out
Email Address Drive
Environment Days
Public Meeting: North Toronto Memorial Community Centre Renovations
Doors Open Toronto

SAHRA Information – March 29, 2016
250 Lawrence Avenue West

SAHRA Information – March 27, 2017
Avenue Road Avenue Study Recommendations – Review Report expected on May 2, 2017
Construction at 1678-1704 Avenue Road
378 Fairlawn Avenue re-development
91 Brook – Sub-basement
1560 Avenue Road
250 Lawrence Avenue
Housing Affordability
Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plan
Reminder about the proposed Stormwater Charge
Downspout Disconnection Program

SAHRA Information – Mar 3, 2017
About the proposed Stormwater Charge
Toronto Airspace Noise Review – Public Meeting
Winter Parking Arrangements
Downspout Disconnection Program

SAHRA Information – Feb 12, 2017
Upper Avenue Street Signs
Release of Section 37 monies
Yonge Love: A Ryerson Building Institute Meet-up
Winter Parking Arrangements
Be a Good Neighbour
HonkMobile – Honk = Park, Pay & Go
Downspout Disconnection Program

SAHRA Information – Jan 21, 2017
Old Orchard Park Community Consultation
FoNTRA 2016 Year End Report
Downspout Disconnection Program

2100 Avenue Road
228 Wilson Avenue
1560 Avenue Road at Douglas
4050 Yonge Street
Upper Avenue street signs
Meeting about Armour Heights Public School
The Future of the Greenbelt
Downspout Disconnection Deadline – Dec 31, 2016
The Ugliest side of Toronto’s Ravines
Scuttled Crosstown deal sparks debate about Toronto transit and development
Neighbours’ Night Out Sep 6, 2016

2100 Avenue Road (Seligman’s at Carmichael)
Basement Flooding & Water Quality Improvements Study
Reimagining Yonge Study Proposes Major Changes in North York
Housing Choices and Prices in the GTA

Reminder – Ward Boundary Changes meeting
Basement Flooding & Water Quality Improvements Study meeting
The Brookdale and uncapped laterals
Help support the growth of Toronto’s urban forest

228 Wilson Avenue – Community Information Meeting
1560 Avenue Road at Douglas

Basement Flooding & Water Quality Improvements Study
Ward Boundary Changes
Pusateri’s Fine Foods Updates
Waste Strategy

SAHRA Information – June 21 2016
Update on 1780 Avenue Road (SW corner at Melrose – Canada Post)
If you are writing to a City official or organization…
Green-Finger proposal on Brooke Avenue at Avenue Road

SAHRA Information – June 16 2016 Word
Metrolinx proposal to “clear cut and bulldoze” part of Eglinton Park

SAHRA Information – June 15, 2016
Final Report on Toronto’s long term Waste Management Strategy

SAHRA Information – June 6, 2016
Update on 90 Eglinton Avenue West
Update on Noise By-law
Update on 1780 Avenue Road (Canada Post Distribution Centre)
Update on 1580 Avenue Road (The Beer Store)

Community Consultation Meeting Notice May 25 2016 combined
2100 Avenue Road Community Hearing on May 25, 2016

SAHRA Information – May 10, 2016

SAHRA Information – May 6, 2016 Noise

SAHRA Information – April 25, 2016
2100 Avenue Road (Seligman’s)
1780 Avenue Road (SW corner at Melrose – Canada Post)
1580 Avenue Road (SW corner at Bedford – The Beer Store)
1912-1914 Avenue Road (NW corner at Brooke)
Ward 16 Street Speed Limits – It’s Official!
Armour Heights Public School Announcement
Ward 16 Basement Flooding
Sneak Peek – Yonge Park Plaza
The Waiver Process
Payment-in-Lieu of Parking
Waste Strategy Survey

SAHRA Information – April 10 2016
SAHRA’s Report for 2015
Waste Strategy Consultation Opportunities

SAHRA Information – March 29, 2016
Newsletter Spring 2016
Speed Limits on SAHRA’s Streets
By-law 107-2010

SAHRA Information – March 14, 2016
Free Movie Screenings in March (Waste Strategy)
Waste Strategy Public Consultation

SAHRA Information – March 1, 2016
By-law 107-2010 Section (f) Amendment
Strategy for Minimizing the Negative Impacts of Residential Infill Construction

SAHRA Information – Feb 27, 2016
Draft Long Term Waste Management Strategy

SAHRA 1912-1914 Avenue Road Summary Feb 2016

SAHRA Information – Feb 15, 2016
 Seminar “Construction in our Neighbourhood”
2100 Avenue Road re-zoning and development application
Study Area 40 Basement Flooding & Water Quality Improvement Study
Review of Noise Bylaw

SAHRA Information – Jan 4, 2016
 Important update to Right-of-Entry Bylaw
FoNTRA 2015 Year End Report