SAHRA 2019 Membership Drive

The mandate of the South Armour Heights Residents’ Association (SAHRA) is to promote safety and security in our Neighbourhood; to protect South Armour Heights residents from inappropriate planning and development from residential, commercial, transportation and any other Government sources; and to enhance the environment and social life in our community.

Your membership fees and donations fund SAHRA activities including:

  • Addressing Committee of Adjustment (CofA), North York Community Council (NYCC), Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and Toronto Local Advisory Body (TLAB) notices and hearings  (in 2018 there were 13 CoA applications in our area and we dealt with 1 OMB Appeal and 2 TLAB Appeals)
  • Representing SAHRA interests at FoNTRA (Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations) meetings
  • Communicating with the North York Community Council, City Council, City Officials/ Departments and our Councillor on Neighbourhood issues
  • Updating residents on local issues via eBlasts, Newsletters and the website
  • Hosting community-building events
  • Holding regular SAHRA meetings and the Annual Meeting (April)

A Survey that SAHRA conducted in early 2018 showed the top four issues of respondents were

Development and construction
Crime prevention
Avenue Road Avenue Study

While SAHRA has focused attention on the other three, crime prevention had not been a priority. Accordingly, we have started working with the Police to bring more crime-related information to our neighbourhood.

All the above takes time, effort and money. If you have thoughts about how we can improve, please contact us. If you would like to help, we would love to hear from you.

We need your financial support !  Membership contributions increased last year (Thank You) but contributions by only 12% of our population still make it difficult to maintain our current level of activity.  We are very frugal but there are expenses for newsletters, our website, office expenses, insurance and events.  We also need funds to engage planners and lawyers to deal with Committee of Adjustment, TLAB and OMB applications/appeals.  In 2016, we used reserve funds for the OMB hearing for 1912-1914 Avenue Road.  In 2017, we again had to use reserve funds to deal with the TLAB Appeal to maintain the by-law that only allows 2-storey homes in our Neighbourhood.  In 2018, we had to use reserve funds again to deal with the 250 Lawrence Ave West OMB Appeal as well as a TLAB Appeal which challenged the 2-storey bylaw.

Please support our efforts at keeping this neighbourhood great by making a membership contribution. 

We have on-line payment capability on our website or you can mail a cheque to the SAHRA post office box (1500 Avenue Road, PO Box 1373, Toronto, ON M5H 0A1) or drop it off at 118 or 123 Felbrigg Avenue.

If you wish to contribute by cheque, please download and complete this 2019 Membership Form to accompany your cheque.

If you wish to contribute via PayPal or a credit/debit card, please click on the Membership button.

We do not share our email list

2018 Activity & Contributions

SAHRA has been involved with Committee of Adjustment hearings, North York Community Council hearings, City Council meetings, TLAB Hearings, OMB Hearings and Traffic and Safety Issues at the following locations in 2018

Activity Map 2018

2018 contributions compared to number of houses on each street

Apsley Road3 of 19Esgore Drive4 of 70Ravenhill Road6 of 15
Armour Blvd4 of 21Felbrigg Ave15 of 87Ridley Blvd10 of 81
Avenue Road2 of 8Greer Road4 of 8Saunders St4 of 12
Belgrave Ave9 of 33Haddington Ave6 of 59Wilson Ave2 of 17
Brooke Ave N13 of 105Harley Ave2 of 10Yonge Blvd4 of 57
Delhi Ave10 of 44Hedon Ave3 of 5
Dunblaine Ave0 of 20Jainey Place1 of 14  
Elm Road5 of 44Joicey Blvd7 of 105Totals114 of 834

We wish to thank the following members for their contributions for the 2018 year
(Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2018)

Acton, L.Chu, L.Ford, D.Joynt, P.Murray, C.Smith, B.
Armstrong, R.Clemens, D.French, C.King, D.Nitta, K.Stauble, D.
Awrey, B.Clokie, F.Gerlings, L.King, R.Nizet, B.Stea, C.
Balfor, J.Contway, M.Gifford, T.Kuhn, O.O’Brien, D.Stinson,T.
Ball, M.Cooper, D.Gladstone, S.Lang, M.Oliver, S.Su, J.
Ballard, J.Craig, P.Green, M.Langdon, G.Pearson, L.Sutton, K.
Bates, J. Cross, C.Guilfoyle, G.LeNoury, J.Pellegrini, L.Taylor, T.
Bodack, N.Deeks, J.Haar, M.Lockwood, L.Perry, I.Vagners, Z.
Bonner, M.Dickinson, L.Hastings, M.Loftus, S.Powell, G.Vandeweghe, E.
Borland, M.Dignan, P.Hawryliw, W.Logue, A.Pratt, R.Vice, B.
Bracht, E.Dill, J.Hedayati, S.Lyon, J.Principe, G.Waddell, J.
Bratton, J.DiNunno, M.Heinz, P.McGillivray, D.Rance, T.Whiteside, B.
Brown, P.Dixon, D.Higgins, T.Masterson, B.Ruttonsha, S.Williams, R.
Budish, A.Dodson, M.Hisey, V.Messier, B.Sadler, J.Williams, W.
Callander, D.Duic, D.Holloway, L.Milic, S.Schmid, D.Wood, G.
Calvert, J.Duker, J.Howat, I.Mitchell, T.Simpson, P.Wotherspoon, R.
Calvin, D.Dunlop, S.Ilkiw, J.Moolenburgh, E.Sinclair, J.Yeates, D.
Cameron, D.Elliott, R.Jenkins, R.Morrow, M.Sisley, P.Yeung, D.
Chisholm, R.Fahie, T.Johnson, R.Muirhead-Gould, A.

                    Thank you for supporting your Residents’ Association!