Donation Bins & Charity Donations

Donation Bins

The City has appealed to all Residents to NOT drop off donations to bins located in the Neighbourhood as the organizations are not able to pick up from the bins.  Anything left at the bin sites will end up having to be garbaged.  Please set your donations aside – they will be very much appreciated once regular pickup can start again. In the meantime, fines will be enforced by the City if items are left at the bin sites.

Donating to charities during the pandemic

Many Canadians support charities by donating through the year or close to year end.  However, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many charities have seen their donations reduced drastically.  This has caused many layoffs in the sector with potentially more to come in the near term, all at the same time as demand for many of their services increases.  While we understand that many of you have concerns about your income, if you were planning to donate to a charity later this year and feel that you still have the ability to donate now, please consider doing so.