SAHRA eBlast – August 12, 2020

Lytton Park Residents Organization (LPRO) eNewsletter Aug 2 2020

See LPRO’s August 2 newsletter for interesting information about our Neighbourhood.

Beware of Mystery Seeds (Morgan Lowrie, The Globe & Mail, Aug 6 2020)

A recent article in The Globe & Mail reported that mystery seeds arriving in the mail may be related to online review scams known as “brushing”.  Sellers send unsolicited packages to customers and then write fake glowing reviews for products – it may seem innocuous but experts say it could signal a more serious identify fraud problem.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is asking people not to plant any seeds received in the mail without ordering, stating that they could be harmful to the environment (could be from invasive plants or could carry plant pests). They have also asked people not to compost the seeds or throw them in the garbage where they could sprout. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says sellers send light or inexpensive items such as seeds, Ping Pong balls, combs or earbuds to people so they appear to be verified customers when reviews are posted online in their names.  Customers who received unwanted items should report them to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and the Better Business Bureau.  While customers usually aren’t charged for the items, the BBB says the recipients should change their passwords for online retail sites and verify bank statements to ensure fraudsters aren’t accessing sensitive information, such as credit card numbers.

Comments on Environmental Registry proposed changes to the ‘Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH)’

Some heavy reading but … it is important to remember that the GGH is one of the most biodiverse and heavy developed regions in Canada, where anticipated growth must be carefully managed to sustain the health of our lands, waters and wildlife.  The 63 organizations who signed this document, believe the proposals for both the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe and the Land Needs Assessment Methodology, if implemented, would cause significant adverse effects on the GGH.  It will facilitate urban sprawl, lead to an over-designation of the land for urban growth, result in the unnecessary loss of farmlands, and destroy endangered and threatened species habitats.  Concerns and recommendations are detailed in this document

Upper Avenue Care and Improvements

In the Survey 2020, members commented on the importance of the care/appearance of our Upper Avenue.  There are several initiatives underway or in progress to maintain and/or improve the enjoyment of our ‘main street’.

  • Back in 2004, arrangements were made with Works & Emergency Services to assign a full-time Bag ‘n Broom person to Upper Avenue.  This is still in effect today – you might see our Bag ‘n Broom person going up and down Upper Avenue or you may see the ‘vacuum machine’ being used for the clean-up.
  • Back in 2009, after the release of the Avenue Road Avenue Study, Public Realm added a number of the litter bins, benches and bicycle rings on Upper Avenue.
  • An inventory of the existing litter bins, benches and bicycle bins from Wilson down to Brooke on both the east and west sides of Avenue Road was done in June, 2020.  Requests were submitted to Street Furniture Toronto for additional litter bins, benches and bicycle links based on the current mix of shops and services.  The requests are currently being reviewed and we would hope that we would see the new street furniture in the near future.
  • The trees on Upper Avenue are also very important for the appearance and enjoyment of the public areas. SAHRA submitted an inventory of 163 trees from Wilson down to Lawrence (both east and west sides) to Councillor Colle and Urban Forestry in Sept, 2019. For each tree, we defined its situation with regards to Suckers (that need to be removed), Dead Wood (a safety hazard) , Weeds at the base, if it is Not Thriving and requires some attention, or if it needs Pruning (low or going over road or roofs) or Bracing (if bent over). Urban Forestry was to review what work needed to be done.  In Feb, 2020 we did see a Tree Service pruning some of the trees. We are now working on an updated inventory so that we can determine which trees have not received attention, for resubmission to Urban Forestry.
  • In August, 2020 we submitted a request to 311 asking that all the fire hydrants on Upper Avenue (401 down to Lawrence) be repainted as they are all in a very rusty/faded state.  Toronto Water is currently reviewing our request. 

Circle of Care/Armour Heights Presbyterian Church – ZOOM Exercise Class

Circle of Care is now offering their exercise classes online through ZOOM.  Circle of Care provides free exercise and falls prevention classes to older adults living in the community.  Their Falls Prevention program is led by an Occupational Therapist and the Group Exercise Classes are led by trained fitness professionals. Classes are designed to help participants increase mobility, relieve pain and reduce the risk of falls by building strength and improving balances. Classes are funded by the Central Local Health Integration Network (CLIN) and are offered to eligible participants free of charge.  If you have questions, please contact Erin Stone for details.

Go to to view the upcoming Schedule and to Register.

Support our Shops Update

The Bedford Park Residents Organization has updated their lists of Shops on Avenue Road and Yonge that are open for business as of May 2 (see attached). This list is also available on SAHRA’s website on the COVID-19 Page.

Better Living Website COVID-19 Updates

Better Living  Health and Community Services actively updates their website to provide you with access to up-to-date and reputable sources of information and reference sources on COVID-19.  They have a number of special support programs for Seniors.  You can access their website here: