My Community Watch Crime App

My Community Watch is a non-profit volunteer-led organization which has developed a crime app that provides a summary of crime incidents occurring within a defined geography, such as a radius around your home. The data is sourced from the Toronto Police Public Safety Data Portal. The report is free, and anyone can subscribe. You can subscribe and set up your own alert at their website

You can tailor the scope of the crime report to suit your needs.  

A description of subscription options is provided below.

Location:  Enter an address at the centre of the area of interest, such as your home.
Crime Type: You can select “all” or be specific. Auto Theft, and Break and Enter are the two which SAHRA concentrates on.
Radius: Radius is available in 0.5 Km increments. A radius of 1.5 km or 2.0 km will provide a good snapshot.
Frequency:  Daily, Weekly or Monthly (Personal choice).
Email Address:Enter email address. Please note they are having difficulty with certain email platforms: problems have been identified with Sympatico and Hotmail, so a different choice is advised.

Below is an example of a “daily” email for a 2 km radius from a home in our area.