Connected Communities: Advancing Year-Round Trails between Earl Bales Park and York Mills Station

This issue was brought to SAHRA’s attention by one of the other area Residents’ Associations. 

Since the early spring, several organizations (Toronto Field NaturalistsCycle TorontoWalk Toronto, and others) have been coming together to advocate for improved ravine access in North York. The only trail running between Earl Bales Park and York Mills station, providing a safe way past the 401, is closed every year from April to mid-November. This has resulted in disconnected communities, reduced access to green spaces in our city, and it has forced pedestrians and cyclists onto indirect and unsafe roads. Last week the group took a major step towards changing that and they are looking for help from supporters to get over the finish line.

Councillors Lily Cheng and James Pasternak supported this advocacy and brought a motion to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee last week. With letters of support and strong deputations, the Committee voted to explore the creation of a new year-round connection through this ravine. Next week it goes to Council for a final vote. This is where you come in.

Get Involved!

Supporters can write Council and ask that they vote in favour of the trail. To submit comments to Council, you can click here and then click on the ‘Submit Comments’ button

You can learn more about this agenda item at IE7.8.