Traffic/Parking/Speed Limits/Safety/Cycling

Traffic, parking, speed limits, safety and cycling often intersect with one another. There are individual pages for each in an attempt  to sub-divide the topics but please review the other Pages if you do not find the topic you are looking for in another Page.

Cycling Issues:
Bike lanes help, not hurt, suburbs, Keesmaat says
Avenue Road Bridge improved Cycling Infrastructure

Proposed Yonge-401 Bypass Trail
4050 Yonge St. Section 37 monies for trails
Reimagining Yonge Study Proposes Major Changes in North York

Parking Issues:
Parking Issues
Designation of Payment-in-Lieu of Parking Assessments
Also review Planning/Payment-in-Lieu of Parking Policy

Safety Issues:
Armour Heights Public School Pedestrian Safety
Community Safety Zones
News Release – Toronto Media Relations – March 19, 2018 (Vision Zero Road Safety Plan)

Speed Limit Issues:
Speed Limit Reduction – Collector and Minor Arterial Streets in Ward 16
Speed Limit Reduction on all Local Streets in Ward 16 to 40 k,/hr
Speed Limits on Elm Road between Joicey and Felbrigg
Speed limits on SAHRA’s Street

Traffic Issues:
Construction – Avenue Rd Bridge
Construction Work Notice – Dufferin/Bridgeland/Yorkdale
Traffic Calming – Elm Rd
Reimagining Yonge Study Proposes Major Changes in North York