The Councillor We Need in 2018

SAHRA believes the 2018 Municipal Election will be a critical junction in the future of our city. We believe the vibrant and evolving Eglinton-Lawrence area of North Toronto needs an experienced, engaged and knowledgeable City Councillor to build a long and fruitful relationship.


What our new Ward 8 (Eglinton-Lawrence) needs in a city councillor…


A FACILITATOR. Someone who is responsive to and works with constituents and residents’ associations in matters affecting the Ward.

An ADVOCATE. Someone who understands residents’ issues and priorities and can convincingly present them to City Council.

A SPOKESPERSON. Someone who is recognized across the city and beyond as a credible voice for the constituents of the Ward.

A VISIONARY. Someone who considers the complex issues that face our Ward and city, and develops positive solutions.

An ACHIEVER. Someone with initiative who works hard to make positive things happen for the community.


In the  coming weeks, as you consider the various candidates, we hope you keep these attributes in mind.