SAHRA Information – LPRO Candidates Meeting & 55 Questions

LPRO Candidates Meeting & 55 Questions

Thanks to the Lytton Park Residents’ Organization (LPRO) for arranging this well-organized and informative evening.

Prior to the meeting, LPRO distributed a questionnaire consisting of 55 Questions. Each candidate completed the questionnaire by answering YES or NO or leaving it blank. The answers were then tabulated and provided in the attached document as an aide to residents when making their decision on who will be our City Councillor.

Link to the LPRO Questionnaire Results

Six candidates for councillor participated: Jennifer Arp, Christin Carmichael Greb, Mike Colle, Lauralyn Johnston, Beth Levy and Dyanoosh Youssefi.

Each Councillor Candidate was given five minutes to speak. Then there was a Moderated Questions segment. The format was that three candidates each spoke for one minute to a question drawn from a hat. The questions covered a number of topics: Taxes, Planning, Social Policies, 25 Ward Management, Transit, Infrastructure Priorities. All six candidates spoke to the final question which was related to Affordable Housing.

Following the formal portion of the meeting, the candidates were available to chat with the constituents on a more informal basis.

Thanks again to LPRO for organizing this Candidates Meeting.