SAHRA Information – December 2018

Alert!  Auto Theft at corner of Belgrave and Ravenhill

A car was stolen from a driveway December 19th in the area of Belgrave and Ravenhill. The Police have said that Toyota and Lexus cars seem to be the target cars right now. Please remember to lock your car; perhaps strategically position the cars if you have two cars and/or move your FOB away from the front of the house.

Auto Thefts on the Rise

An interesting article on the rise in auto thefts in the Toronto area along with a security expert’s opinions on why and what we have to do to prevent the theft.

Do You Know Where Your Catch Basins Are?

A catch basin, also called a storm drain, is built along the curb in the gutter on the edge of the road, allowing water runoff.  It is part of the sewer system.  The catch basin does just what its name implies:  it catches waste and stops it from entering drainpipes.  It has a grate at street level catching debris before the water enters the catch basin.  Clogged catch basins may cause water to pool on streets.  It is imperative that catch basins be occasionally cleaned to maintain their ability to ensnare residue and subsequently their ability to prevent flooding.  In the fall, the grates are often covered by loose leafs. In the winter, it is very important that the catch basins be ‘opened up’ from snow accumulations to allow proper draining of the street.

Each block in our area will have one or more catch basins, usually positioned opposite each other on each side of the street.  The residents in a block need to take on responsibility to ensure that their catch basins are clear of debris and ice so that they can properly deal with water flows to prevent flooding.

Now is the time of year to look at where the catch basins are positioned on your block.  Do they need cleaning of fall debris?  Involve your block neighbours in catch basin monitoring/cleaning/snow removal.

You are doing a great thing for your block/neighbours when you act as a catch basin guardian.

You can find your catch basins, even if covered with leaves, snow or ice using Google Street View.

  • Go to
  • Enter your address in the search engine.
  • Drag the yellow male icon to the street on the map.
  • Look for the square grates on the road in the image.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle during the Holiday Season

As we prepare for holiday celebrations, the City encourages us to be mindful of the amount of waste we generate. Small changes to reduce waste, such as using reusable plates, cutlery and cloth napkins for a holiday event, can make a difference!

Tips to recycle right over the holidays:
• Empty and rinse recyclables such as aluminum roasting pans and tins, plastic plates and cups before placing them in the Blue Bin (recycling).
• Paper wrap, flattened cardboard and rinsed plastic plates and plastic cups (except black plastic) also go in the Blue Bin (recycling).
• Foil/metallic wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, bubble wrap, bubble envelopes, packing peanuts (foam pellets) and fruit crates go in the garbage.
• All food scraps as well as soiled paper napkins and paper plates go in the Green Bin (organics).

More tips on managing holiday waste are available at Information about how to properly dispose of holiday items is available at or on the new TOwaste App available at

Better Living Health and Community Services – Winter Program

Winter Program Guide is now available!

REGISTRATION OPENS: Monday, December 3rd @ 9:30 a.m.
Get ready to register! Start making your list of programs now so you’re ready to go on your registration day.

For more information, please contact the front desk at 416-447-7244 ext. 622.