SAHRA Information – Feb 6, 2019

Councillor Mike Colle January 2019 Newsletter

Link to the January 2019 Newsletter. Contains updates on:
• Heritage Designation of the Historic Columbus Centre
• Stopping the Bathurst Street closure by the Province’s Metrolinx
• Kicking off our City-wide campaign to Save our Ravines

A good time to open up your Catch Basins

A catch basin, also called a storm drain, is built along the curb in the gutter on the edge of the road, allowing water runoff. After the heavy snowfall last week, it is very important that the catch basins be ‘opened up’ from snow accumulations to allow proper draining of the street. Each block in our area will have one or more catch basins, usually positioned opposite each other on each side of the street.

You can find your catch basins, even if covered with snow or ice using Google Street View.
• Go to
• Enter your address in the search engine.
• Drag the yellow male icon to the street on the map.
• Look for the square grates on the road in the image.

You are doing a great thing for your block/neighbours when you act as a catch basin guardian.

Looking for Graphic Design Expertise!

We would like to update our logo/art work on the SAHRA website so we are looking for someone with graphic design expertise. Would you have those skills? Would you be willing to volunteer a bit of time to give us a ‘new look’? If so, please email [email protected].

CNIB Phone Drive- #PhoneItForward 

(compliments of Councillor Josh Matlow’s Feb 1, 2019 Update)

Smartphones are critical tools that revolutionize daily life for people who are blind – providing portable, all in one communications and accessibility solutions. But for some, smartphones are out of reach. The unemployment rate for persons with sight loss is triple the Canadian general unemployment rate, making accessing and affording a mobile device difficult for many people who are blind. Phone It Forward gives Canadians a unique opportunity to donate their old phones, receive a tax receipt and empower people who are blind in the process.

Through a partnership with Fixt Wireless Repair, donated smartphones are wiped to the highest data security standards, loaded with accessible apps and provided to people with sight loss who need them, along with one-to-one technical training. Join us at the Community Hub for our first Phone Drive event in support of #PhoneItForward!

Drop by to donate your used smartphone and get a tax receipt for the value of your phone. Don’t forget your passwords to help us ensure your phone is properly wiped!

Event details
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Location: CNIB Community Hub, 1525 Yonge Street, Toronto ON, M4T 1Z2

Donate your smartphone today and help directly support Canadians with sight loss in your community.
To learn more about the program and phone eligibility visit

Preventing Water Pipes From Freezing During Extremely Cold Weather

(compliments of Councillor Josh Matlow’s Feb 1 2019 Update)
With extreme cold temperatures forecast over the coming few weeks, the City of Toronto is reminding residents how to prevent drinking water pipes in their home from freezing. There are also steps that residents can take if they have no water and suspect their pipes are already frozen. Frozen water pipes can lead to significant property damage should they burst. We urge residents to follow these tips, especially if the pipes inside the home are prone to freezing.

Tips to avoid frozen water pipes in the home

  • Consider leaving a tap open enough for a pencil-thin stream of flowing water, so there is some movement of water in pipes that might be vulnerable to freezing. Leave a pencil-thin stream flowing 24 hours a day until daytime and nighttime temperatures have returned to normal seasonal averages.
  • Open kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around plumbing.
  • Outdoor faucets are the first to freeze. Unscrew any hoses, turn off the outdoor water supply and let those taps drain.
  • Insulate pipes most prone to freezing, especially near outside walls and in crawl spaces, attic and garage.
  • If your pipes are prone to freezing, consider contacting a plumber for advice on how best to protect your home.

Steps to thaw frozen pipes

  • Turn on a tap in the basement, preferably the cold water faucet in the laundry room.
  • Use a blow dryer to warm the suspected frozen pipe for one to two hours. Check the blow dryer regularly to ensure it does not overheat.
  • Place a warm towel or rag around the suspected frozen pipe.
  • Depending on the outside temperature and the extent of freezing within the pipe, the thawing process could take between one and six hours.

Learn more about frozen pipes by visiting this link. If the steps above do not resolve the issue, call 311 or submit a service request online here and someone from the City will investigate.

SAHRA 2019 Membership Campaign

We need your financial support! Membership contributions are SAHRA’s only source of income to support newsletters, hearing costs, Neighbours’ Night Out, etc. In 2016, we used reserve funds for the OMB hearing for 1912-1914 Avenue Road. In 2017, we used reserve funds to engage planners and lawyers to deal with the TLAB Appeal to maintain the by-law that only allows 2-storey homes in our Neighbourhood. In 2018, we had to use reserve funds again to deal with the 250 Lawrence Ave West OMB Appeal as well as a second TLAB Appeal which challenged the 2-storey bylaw. Future ability to participate in this way or to seek professional advice will depend on rebuilding the reserve fund over the next several years. Please support your residents’ association with your annual contribution.

We have on-line payment capability on our website or you can mail a cheque to the SAHRA post office box (1500 Avenue Road, PO Box 1373, Toronto, ON M5H 0A1) or drop it off at 118 or 123 Felbrigg Avenue. See the attached Membership Form for details.