Highlights from the Winter Newsletter

Link to the full newsletter: Newsletter Winter 2019

Key Highlights

2019 Membership Drive

Your membership contributions and donations fund SAHRA activities:

  • Addressing Committee of Adjustment, OMB and Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) hearings
  • Representing SAHRA interests at Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations meetings
  • Communicating with City government and our Councillor on Neighbourhood issues
  • Updating residents on local issues via eBlasts, Newsletters and the website
  • Hosting community-building events

Holding regular SAHRA meetings and the Annual Meeting (April)
All the above takes time, effort and money. If you have thoughts about how we can improve, please contact us. If you would like to help, we would love to hear from you. Please support our efforts at keeping this the great neighbourhood it is, by sending in your membership contribution.
We have on-line payment capability on our website or you can mail a cheque to the address above or drop it off at 123 Felbrigg Avenue. Please see Page 4 for details.

We need your financial support! Membership contributions increased last year (Thank You) but contributions by only 12% of our population makes it difficult to maintain our current level of activity and to replenish our reserve after funds were spent on 2016, 2017 and 2018 OMB and TLAB hearings.

What SAHRA Does

2018 Activity Map

The mandate of the South Armour Heights Residents’ Association is to act as an advocate for the residents of SAHRA, to protect our neighbourhood from inappropriate development, to promote safety and security in the Neighbourhood and to enhance the environment and social life in our community.
The SAHRA Board and Volunteers have been very busy in 2018! Here are several of our activities.
The Activity Map shows all sites that we have been involved with.

  • SAHRA undertook a survey with our residents between February and April of 2018. It largely showed we are working on the right things (see the article on Page 3) but that crime prevention is also a concern.
  • We actively reviewed 12 Committee of Adjustment (CofA) applications in our area. We also dealt with 3 appeals to the new Toronto Local Appeal Board (TLAB) – 8 Haddington where our appeal was upheld to not allow a three-storey homes; 1560 Avenue Road where the developer has been served with multiple stop work orders (the developer’s appeal was approved); and 159 Ridley where the proposed house is larger than even the largest house approved at a recent OMB decision (TLAB hearing is scheduled for May 14, 2019).
  • We were actively involved as a Party in the OMB hearing for the 250 Lawrence Ave West application for a new condo development. The OMB decision sided with the developer, although the height has been reduced from the original proposal. SAHRA will be involved in the Site Plan Working Group to help mitigate impacts from the development on the community.
  • SAHRA worked with the City and the owner of the property at the northeast corner of Avenue Road and Lawrence (1507 Avenue Road) to ensure that the new use of this site will not allow unsafe access to the parking lot from Lawrence and from the southerly entrance off Avenue Road (see the article on Page 3).
  • We are continuing to advocate for an all-way stop at the corner of Joicey and Harley. Several near misses at this intersection have shown the need for corrective action.
  • We maintained a close working relationship with FoNTRA (the Federation of North Toronto Residents’ Associations) which deals with municipal and provincial legislation such as Bill 139, Bill 73 and OPA 320.
  • We have continued to review pedestrian safety, traffic congestion and parking issues close to Armour Heights Public School.
  • SAHRA published a new website in early Fall, 2018. We hope you find it easier to navigate.
  • On the lighter side, we hosted the 13th annual Neighbours’ Night Out this past year in June, as an opportunity for new and old neighbours to meet, with ice cream and balloons, along with a visit from the Fire Department and the Police.

Message from Councillor Colle

I am thrilled to be your City Councillor for Ward 8 Eglinton-Lawrence, in the heart of Toronto. I look forward to working with SAHRA to address a variety of issues, including: Saving our Ravines, Heritage Preservation, Expanding School and Community Safety Zones, Investing in and expanding our Natural Infrastructure.

Please sign up for my newsletter at www.mikecolletoronto.com to keep up-to-date on local and City-wide issues and community events.
You can also receive the latest updates by following me on Facebook, www.facebook.com/mikecolleward8. For more information on the Save our Ravines initiative, please visit www.facebook.com/saveourravines.

If you have questions/concerns or require assistance on any City of Toronto matters, please contact my office at 416-338-2500 or by email: councillor_colle8@toronto.ca.

Together we will accomplish great things for Ward 8 and our City!

Mike Colle
Toronto City Councillor, Ward 8 “in the heart of Toronto”

Member Survey leads to more efforts on Crime Prevention

SAHRA undertook a survey with our residents between February and April 2018. Since we do not have enough Board members and volunteers to execute all of our interests, we wanted feedback to prioritise and resource items with the greatest interest. The full survey results can be reviewed at https://sahratoronto.com/2018/09/18/2018-survey-results/.

The top four priorities were:
1. Development and construction issues
2. Traffic
3. Crime prevention
4. Avenue Road Avenue Study

While we have actively addressed three of the four, crime prevention surprised us as being so high on the list. As a result, a Board member and a volunteer have joined the Community Police Liaison Committee at 32 Division. We are developing more effective ways to communicate between SAHRA, the police and the community. Several items have been included in recent eBlasts. Expect to continue to see more crime prevention related information in our eBlasts and on the website.

We are very excited about an upcoming Community Safety Event being organized with the Upper Avenue Community Association. It will take place at 125 Chatsworth Drive on May 1 7:30 to 9:00 PM. Superintendent Robert Johnson, head officer at 32 Division, will make a presentation including trending of Major Crime Indicators (MCI’s) in our area. We will break down these MCI’s more locally to see how each smaller area compares. Crime prevention techniques will be covered along with how and when the public should report to the police. Spoiler alert – always report a crime, no matter how small. Online reporting can be done at https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/core/. We will also discuss how local groups of neighbours can reduce crime in their area.

1507 Avenue Road

SAHRA and the Bedford Park Residents Organization participated in a Committee of Adjustment hearing regarding this First Capital project, renovating the old Mac’s convenience store at the northeast corner of Avenue Road and Lawrence. Variance requests were submitted for parking spaces, which we felt would negatively affect pedestrian safety and traffic flow.

We are pleased to report that the parking spaces on the south side of the building have been eliminated. The Planning Department and First Capital also defined techniques for prohibiting vehicle access from Lawrence and from the southern end on Avenue Road. These amendments will help prevent unsafe conditions for the many pedestrians waiting at this crossing and at the bus stop. Look for a new Starbucks opening soon!