SAHRA eBlast- January 12, 2020

Development at Avenue Road & Lawrence

First Capital Realty now owns all the land bordered by white in the map of Lawrence and Avenue Road (compliments of BPRO). They are planning a mixed use development of retail, residential and park use. We believe Pusateri’s has retained a 99-year-lease on their store.

First Capital Realty the owner of this site is looking to submit an application to the City for redevelopment of their property. First Capital is seeking community input as they develop plans for the site, with a vision to create a mixed-use development featuring retail, residential, and park uses that revitalizes this gateway corner into the Upper Avenue community. 

 First Capital has stated that they want to work with the community as this proposal progresses through the development application process, and they have hired Bousfields Inc. to lead the community engagement and urban planning. As one of the local residents’ associations in the area, Bousfields has contacted SAHRA to discuss how they can best work with us going forward. We will be following up on their invitation to meet hopefully in conjunction with the other residents’ associations (BPRO, UACA and LPRO).  It is important that our community voice be heard.  As we learn more, we will share it here.

Planning a Trip for a Winter Get-Away or March Break?

If you are going to be away, make arrangements with your neighbours letting them know your From/To dates so that they can keep a special eye on your place.  They might be willing to pick up/store your mail for you or give your car a clean-off, if it snows.

Or you can make arrangements with Canada Post to Hold Mail (2 weeks for $21). Buy Hold Mail from a nearby post office or online at 

Neighbourhood Watch Online – we need you!

SAHRA is reinstating the old Neighbourhood Watch concept in a “new, improved” format!  We hope to improve community safety and reduce crime by creating multiple small Neighbourhood Watch Online (NWO) areas within SAHRA’s boundaries, each typically 25 – 35 homes, each led by a volunteer Group Captain.  (Several groups are already up and running.)  Once implemented, the residents can easily communicate amongst themselves while watching for unusual activities.  We are looking for Group Captains.  We estimate the time commitment as a few hours to set up the group and then minimally after that to co-ordinate a few communications per month, typically by email.  We provide training and documentation.  Interested in being a Group Captain?  Please contact us at [email protected] and help us make Neighbourhood Watch Online a reality throughout SAHRA’s neighbourhood.

Updates from the Community Police Liaison Committee

Two members from SAHRA attend the monthly meetings of the Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) with 32 Division.  The following are updates from the December, 2019 meeting:

  • The community has reported many incidents (often caught on security cameras) of people trying vehicle doors, at night, to see if they are unlocked in order to steal from them.  If nothing is stolen, this cannot be reported online.  Even so, the police would like to know about this behaviour, especially if you can provide a description of the person or have camera footage: if a potential thief is checking your vehicle doors, then she / he will likely steal from a vehicle with open doors down the street.  (A further note from SAHRA:  If you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch Online (NWO) group, you can easily contact your group members to see if others have been affected by similar incidents.  SAHRA is looking for volunteers to set up NWO groups in their areas, usually about 15 to 25 homes.)
  • The police also noted that it is a criminal offence for someone to be “close to a house” between 9PM and 6AM even if nothing is taken.  This likely would not cover someone trying to open vehicles doors as mentioned above, however.
  • Street parking in areas without parking signs is normally limited to three hours in the City of Toronto.  However, in North York, street parking is not allowed between the hours of 2AM to 6AM from December 1 to March 31.
  • Generally, crime has been on the rise within the city this year, but crime within 32 Division has decreased slightly, except for auto theft.  While there has been no homicides in 32 Division, shootings are up significantly over last year-to-date.
  • Auto thefts continue to be focussed on Highlander and Lexus vehicles.  There were a series of arrests made recently as reported in the media.  More arrests may be made as the investigation continues.
  • Speed enforcement cameras will be installed soon.  They will be primarily located in School Safety Zones.  The cameras will be relocated every 6 to 12 months.
  •  The City’s Vision Zero initiative includes the reduction of speed limits on many streets.  Ensure you notice the maximum speed signs.
  • REPORT, REPORT, REPORT!  The police have been consistent in their message that they deploy their resources in areas with high levels of reporting.  They use mapping tools which help them identify areas where reports are being made.  This helps them make resource-deployment decisions.  It is a data-driven methodology.  As mentioned in previous SAHRA eblasts, many reports can be made online at the Toronto Police Service’s Citizen Online  Report Entry (CORE) website.)  SAHRA is aware of three members who have made online reports in the last few weeks:  Ignoring stop signs along Elm Avenue; pedestrian safety at the intersection of Yonge Boulevard and Wilson; vehicles parked too close to the intersections of Felbrigg and Haddington at Greer.

Community Events:


Yoga with Erin on Sunday mornings starting as of January 12, 2020 – see attached.

PA Day Camp (Fri, Jan 17)

For kids in K-6, 9am to 3pm, $20 per participant, bring lunch, outdoor gear and indoor shoes.  Register online.

Toronto Green Community Walks

Join the Ice Walk at Evergreen Brick Works – a seasonal walk inspired by our frozen winter waterways.  Learn about the Ice Ages that shaped the geology of the Don Valley Vrick Works.  Sunday, January 19, 2020 2:00 pm; meet at the Watershed Wall at Evergreen Brickworks, 550 Bayview Avenue.

Falls Prevention

Join Mosaic and Armour Heights Church for the next Community Café to welcome Diana Oliver from Urban Poling.  This round table discussion and free presentation will include pointers on how to stay safe this winter.  Falls risk reference material will be provided. Light refreshments. RSVP by calling 416-485-4000.

Dinner, Trivia & Games Night

An evening of food and fun for all ages!  Friday, January 31 at 6:00 pm at Armour Heights Presbyterian Church.  Do you have a favourite party game or board game? Bring them along!  Sign up by calling 416-485-4000.