Donations to the North York Harvest Food Bank / Armour Heights Church support

During these days of COVID-19, there are families and individuals in our area that are in need of food from the food bank.  The North York Harvest Food Bank  is the local food bank provider for our area.  For a long time, Armour Heights Church has been a supporter of the North York Harvest Food Bank.

The North York Harvest Food Bank is  in need of food and monetary donations.  Here’s how you can help:

Drop off food items outside the office door of Armou Heights Church at 105 Wilson Ave (the office door is off the parking area on the east side of the Church on Wilson). The  Church will ensure the items are collected each day and added to the food bank box.  Once the box is full, Harvest Food collects the food.  The most needed items are canned tomatoes, canned beans, canned fish, rice and household size oil.

Or you can donate money to the Harvest Food Bank by clicking here.