SAHRA eBlast May 25, 2020 – Cannabis Store Applications on Avenue Road

***Cannabis Store Applications on Avenue Road ***

Time Sensitive – opinions must be submitted by  Sat, May 30th

The permitting of Cannabis Dispensaries is under the control of the Province of Ontario through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) which is under the Ministry of the Attorney General.

The City cannot refuse a permit or otherwise stop the opening of a Cannabis Dispensary due to provincially mandated legislation. Under provincial law, a cannabis dispensary can be operated anywhere except within 150m of a school.
We thought there was a maximum number of Cannabis Retail Stores allowed in Ontario/in a particular area but there is NO limit.

As notices are NOT sent to the neighbouring community, the only way we find out about a proposed application is through a placard posted on the establishment.

As a local resident, you are entitled to your democratic right to express your views on such an important matter. This has been made difficult by the stay at home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are FOUR (4) applications, at various stages in the application process,
currently being considered between Fairlawn north to Haddington (an 8 block stretch on Upper Avenue). 

Information on the four applications

1703 Avenue Road
Formerly the Second Cup at Fairlawn
Applicant is “South of Temperance Cannabis Co”
Is listed as IN PROGRESS

1819 Avenue Road (AGCO File #992229)
Formerly Creative Interiors on the NE corner of Deloraine
Applicant is “Tokyo Smoke Company”
Is listed as IN PROGRESS – Public Notice Ends on 2020/06/03

1887 Avenue Road
Formerly Starbucks on the NE corner of Roe
Applicant is “Weed Advisor”
Is NOT yet listed on the AGCO site

1961 Avenue Road (AGCO File #997981)
Currently Haute Classics on the east side of Avenue between Felbrigg and Haddington
Applicant is “Leaf Lab Cannabis Dispensary”
Is listed as PUBLIC NOTICE – Public Notice Ends on 2020/05/30

Councillor Colle is advocating for the Provincial Government to put all cannabis applications on hold until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. He has submitted individual Letters for 1961 and 1819 Avenue Road and will now do so also for 1887 Avenue Road.

You can check the status of current Cannabis Retail Store Applications on the AGCO website online here.

You can also search for proposed and authorized applications using the AGCO’s map online here.

You can read the Ontario Government news release about the opening of the cannabis retail market at:

It appears that the 1703 Avenue Road application has gone beyond the Public Notice stage but the AGCO has not yet made a final decision.

If you feel that that additional cannabis store applications should not be allowed on Upper Avenue and/or you agree that the applications should be put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, you should phone, send an Email or Fax the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, your local Member of Provincial Parliament, the Office of the Attorney General of Ontario, and the Office of the Premier.

It is recommended to send individual letters for 1819, 1887 and 1961 Avenue Road.

This issue is TIME SENSITIVE – opinions must be submitted by Sat, May 30th

Below is a link to a shell template for an email, should you find it helpful.  Modify it as you wish.

Shell template re Cannabis Store Applications

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario | Tel: 416-326-8700 | Fax: 416-326-5555 | Email: [email protected]

Eglinton-Lawrence MPP Robin Martin | Tel:  416-781-2395 | Fax: 416-781-4116 | Email: [email protected]

Ontario Attorney General | Tel: 416-326-2220 | Fax: 416-326-4007 | Email: [email protected]

Premier Doug Ford | Tel:  416-325-1941 | Fax:  416-325-3745 | Email:
[email protected]

Please also copy Councillor Mike Colle, Mayor John Tory and SAHRA:

Councillor Mike Colle | Tel: 416-338-2500 | Fax: 416-392-4895  |
Email: [email protected]

Mayor John Tory | Tel:  416-781-2395 | Fax: 416-338-7125 |
Email: [email protected]

South Armour Heights Residents’ Association |
Email: [email protected]