SAHRA eBlast – July 4, 2020

TTC COVID-19 Update June 29th

Effective July 2nd, 2020, it will be mandatory to wear a mask or face covering on the TTC, with exemptions for children under two years of age and persons with underlying medical conditions.

Additional information is attached and posted online:

Committee of Adjustment Meetings

Committee of Adjustment (CofA) hearings were cancelled as of March 17th due to COVID-19 but Virtual meetings have commenced as of June 23. Initially, the CofA said that the applications dealt with via Virtual meetings would be minor, minor variances; non-controversial; and not have a large amount of public interest.  But they have now scheduled 113 Ridley Blvd, 19 Apsley Road, 387 Greer Road and 30 Harley.  These applications, in our opinion, contain major variances / they are controversial and there are a number of neighbours who are very concerned about these applications.  The Committee has been instructed by City Council to speed up processing to deal with a backload of 1200 applications.  Where Hearings used to be held every two weeks, they are now scheduling Hearings every week and sometimes two days in the week.  The rules for Virtual meetings also establish setback dates by which a concerned neighbour has to submit their opinion (5 business days prior to the actual hearing).  They must also Register to speak at the Hearing 2 days in advance.  All this makes it more difficult for SAHRA and concerned neighbours to review and respond to the applications.  At some of the hearings, the registered speakers were never allowed to speak.  FoNTRA and their member Rresidents’ Associations are very concerned about public participation being seriously hampered by these arrangements.

Council Stands up for Toronto residents against Construction Noise

(an update from Councillor Josh Matlow)

As part of the Provincial government’s emergency orders to address COVID-19, THE City of Toronto Act was amended [until October 2021] to allow for any “construction activity in the City between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.”  This represents a significant departure from the City’s by-laws, which permit noise from construction between 7 am to 7pm from Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm on Saturdays, and not at all on Sunday. I have heard from many of you that the constant noise during unreasonable hours has had a significant impact on your quality of life. That’s why I’m pleased to report that Council supported my motion to request the province to rescind Limitation 2 to Ontario Regulation 130/20 , enacted April 7, 2020, which took away the allowance of the City to regulate or prohibit noise in connection with construction to the detriment of our residents. It is now up to the Premier to do the right thing for Toronto residents.

SAHRA would like to mention that it was a concerted effort between Councillors Matlow, Colle, Wong-Tam and Cressy supported by SAHRA, LPRO, FoNTRA, the Toronto Noise Coalition as well as 13 Residents’ Associations in the downtown area that resulted in this Motion being presented and approved.

#BikesLoveYonge Campaign to Help Businesses Recover

The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on main street businesses. As restrictions are eased, businesses need to encourage returning customers and attract new ones. As people who live in North Toronto, ride a bike, and want to see business on Yonge booming again, we’re here to help our businesses recover!

The #BikesLoveYonge Campaign will:
Promote people to visit & shop by bike, including sharing photos on social media with #BikesLoveYonge and #BuyLocalBikeLocal . Participating businesses will be included in a directory.

  • Highlight the goods and services businesses have to offer customers coming by bike – products / services people coming by bike can purchase – carried by bike, consumed in store, or delivered (for larger items).
  • Promote #BikeFridays weekly events, collaboratively with the BIA, RAs, and other community organizations, with promotions and contests for people who come by bike.
  • Suggest ways to make it easier to shop by bike, like getting bike parking racks from the City.
  • Spread the word and share! We’ll collaborate with BIAs, RAs and allies to create social media posts for businesses for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Face Masks

Available from AUDREY NICOLE DESIGNS, within our neighbourhood – custom reversible face masks in various designs, sizes and pricing…and scrunchies…all 100% cotton. Visible on Instagram ( or via email ([email protected]) or by text messaging at (647) 384-4266.

Lytton Park Residents’ Organization E-Newsletter June 25 2020

You can view the latest E-Newsletter here

Support our Shops Update

The Bedford Park Residents Organization has updated their lists of Shops on Avenue Road and Yonge that are open for business as of May 2 (see attached). This list is also available on SAHRA’s website on the COVID-19 Page.

Keeping Safe from Fraudsters: Update from Minister of Seniors

(compliments of Alzheimer Society of Toronto)

The COVID-19 pandemic has put seniors at increased risk of abuse since so many are living in isolation. Minister Schulte is asking all Canadians to check-in on our parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends. Please see her video here.  With new financial supports being provided to seniors during the pandemic, they may face an increased risk of being targeted by fraudsters.

You may get phone calls, emails, and texts about COVID-19. Be cautious when receiving them and:

  • Remember that if you didn’t initiate contact with a person or a business, you don’t know who you are dealing with.
  • Never click on links or attachments in unsolicited or suspicious emails.
  • Never give out your personal or financial information by email or text.
  • Remember that financial institutions will never ask you to provide personal, login or account information by text or email.
  • When banking online, enter your financial institution’s website address in your browser yourself.
  • Beware of questionable cures for sale if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

For more information, check out the Little Black Book of Scams and the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre. More tips on how to stay protected from Financial Fraud are available here.

Better Living Website COVID-19 Updates

Better Living  Health and Community Services actively updates their website to provide you with access to up-to-date and reputable sources of information and reference sources on COVID-19.  They have a number of special support programs for Seniors.  You can access their website here:

Healthy Lifestyle Tip: 5 Morning Habits That Shape Your Whole Day

(compliments of Glendon Athletic Club)

What you do in the morning contributes greatly to the tone of your day. There are plenty of posts about the habits of the most successful people, but there really is a reason the way they begin their days impacts how well it goes. From getting on top of the logistics to the positive psychology tricks you can employ, here’s how to leap out of bed on the right foot – and stay on it until you get back into bed at night.

Make your bed:  Sounds pretty simple and probably something your mom would remind you to do, but there’s a reason making your bed in the morning sets you up for success. This simple act of organizing – sheet, cover, pillows – and leaving your bedroom in a presentable condition reinforces to your highly impressionable, half-asleep brain that order and calmness abound. More calmness equals less stress, and less stress equals better mood, more productivity and (hopefully) a better day.

Hydrate:  Your cells have been without water for several hours, so reintroducing water before any other substance (yes, that includes coffee) is key to prepping your GI tract for efficient work throughout the day. It’s an easy way to rehydrate your body if you do it on autopilot. Plus, if you sip water throughout the morning, you may end up consuming two of your eight recommended glasses for the day. Set the tone for great hydration first thing.

Plan your day:  A simple list of the three big things you’d like to accomplish in the short term (i.e. before noon, before the end of the day) can go a long way in terms of helping you move calmly through the day. Putting it on paper or in your phone takes away the stress of remembering and can serve as a helpful reminder of your goals. Prioritize the big things to make the rest of the day run even more smoothly.

Play music you love:  Regardless of your morning plans, a soundtrack of uplifting, energizing tunes will help prime your mind for positivity all day long. Pick whatever makes you happy and use it to get through your must-do’s for before you leave the house.

Move:  Want to feel better mid-afternoon? Make time in the morning to get your body in motion. Whatever it is – gentle stretching, walking the dog, doing a virtual in-home workout – starting your day with movement revs your metabolism and stokes your energy for the day. Plus, you’re more likely to make better food choices if you’ve done something positive for your body earlier in the day. You’ll get that great workout in and you’ll reap the benefits for hours afterwards. It’s a win all around.

5 Morning Habits That Shape Your Whole Day. (2016, September 7). Retrieved April 23, 2020, from

Needed – Bicycles That Are Ready to Ride

(extracted from Councillor Josh Matlow’s Newsletter)

Do you have a bike you no longer use? The Women’s Cycling Network , co-founded by Najia Zewari, leader of Women’s Wellness Café, and with help from Cycle Don Valley Midtown is an inclusive group of now nearly 100 women from the Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park communities as well as neighbourhoods close by. These women find freedom, empowerment and health benefits by riding a bike. Today we have 50 women who have bikes and have learned to ride, and another 50 waiting for a donated bike so that they can learn to ride too.  If you have a bike to give , read about the Women’s Cycling Network #BikeMatch program and complete the form. Your bike will be matched with a woman from our waiting list and a contact-free donation arranged. Your idle bike will provide the welcome opportunity for one of these women to ride it! For more details, please click here.

Membership Contribution Reminder

Like everything else in this pandemic year, our financial contribution drive has had to adapt.  We are not delivering personal reminder letters to residents’ doors, in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection for both the deliverer and the recipient.  Additionally, we have postponed both our Annual General Meeting and our Neighbours’ Night Out event, where we often receive members’ contributions.  As a result, we are relying solely on electronic reminders such as this email.

Over the last four years, we have led appeals of Committee of Adjustment decisions to both the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) and the Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) eight times.  For the three most important cases, we hired a planner and a lawyer and won each time, protecting our neighbourhood from runaway development.  This year will bring another appeal likely in September and there is a chance for still another later in the year.

SAHRA’s Board uses your contributions judiciously, and our planner and lawyer for these appeals provide good value.  However, they do cost money.  Over the last three years, your Board has decided to draw on our cash reserves and annual membership contributions rather than raise funds through a special fundraising programme.  This year, we need your contributions to mount these appeals effectively in order to maintain the character of the neighbourhood, as well as to maintain our other activities such as various communication channels to you and other members.

SAHRA recognises that these are difficult times.  We appreciate any contribution to help SAHRA maintain its activities.  A Reminder / Membership renewal sheet is attached.  Alternatively, contributions can be made online at