City inviting public feedback as part of Night Economy Review

Toronto’s night economy during Nuit Blanche 2019. Source: Night Economy

In last week’s eBlast we introduced the Night Economy Review. This week the City has opened opportunities for the general public to learn more about the review through public consultation sessions and online survey.

Last week’s article: Worth Monitoring: The Night Economy

The City of Toronto is seeking input to inform a review of licensing and zoning regulations for bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as strategies to support Toronto’s night economy – the social, cultural and business activities that occur from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. The public is encouraged to participate by completing an online survey and/or by attending an in-person or virtual consultation to share feedback.

A healthy night economy supports the nighttime needs of residents and is essential to Toronto’s vibrancy. Nighttime activities include entertainment, such as concerts, dining out and dancing, as well as practical necessities such as grocery shopping and working. The City is working towards a clear, modern approach to classifying business types that aligns with evolving business models and provides flexibility, while ensuring an appropriate level of regulatory oversight to mitigate potential community nuisance and public safety issues.

The City is looking for input from residents, industry professionals, business owners and cultural event producers. Through the Night Economy Review, the City intends to:

  • Develop recommendations for a vibrant and inclusive night economy, which includes support for Toronto’s cultural, live music, and entertainment industries
  • Create strategies that promote safe, healthy and sustainable communities for residents and businesses
  • Update licensing categories and requirements for bars, restaurants and entertainment venues – including nightclubs and live music venues
  • Change zoning regulations that define where and under what conditions these businesses can operate in Toronto

Public consultation sessions will be held virtually on Wednesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 13 and in person on Monday, April 17. The link to the survey and details on how to register are available on the City’s Night Economy Review webpage. The deadline to submit feedback on the survey is Friday, April 21.

Feedback and insights from the survey and consultations will inform recommendations on licensing and zoning amendments for Committee and Council consideration in fall 2023, as well as longer-term strategies for enhancing Toronto’s night economy. More information is available on the City’s Night Economy Review webpage.

Read the March 29, 2023 news release.