Two-Stroke Engine: Steps to Pursue a Ban

Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash

Infrastructure and Environment Committee

Two-stroke engines and their impact on health, noise and the environment have been a simmering issue with City Council for a number of years. Last July, noise was the primary concern and while there was no ban placed on leaf blowers, additional restrictions on when the devices can be used were implemented.

This past week the Infrastructure and Environment Committee (Councillor Colle is the Vice-Chair) received a report on two-stroke engine leaf blowers, lawnmowers and other small engine equipment focused on their adverse impact on air quality and human health. While the final meeting minutes have not been posted, the Committee’s recommendation is for City Council to express its support for a ban on the use of two-stroke small engine equipment in Toronto as a precaution against any adverse impacts to human health and climate will be to pursue.

This would be the first step towards pursuing a total ban. Subsequent consultation and transition plans would need to be developed. It is expected the Committee’s recommendation will go to Council for further discussion later this month.

Links to the Committee meeting and the staff report are below. In particular, the staff report provides background on recent related decisions.

SAHRA will continue to monitor this issue and update members as the discussion evolves.